Cervical cancer is one of the most deadliest cancers among American women. It is caused by an abnormal growth of cells in the cervix which is part of the reproductive system. This connects the uterus and vagina. Generally, cells grow gradually over time, and sometimes develop into cancer. Unlike some cancers, it is usually caused by a virus called human papillomavirus(HPV). You are at the highest risk if you have sexual relations with someone that already has it. Some people avoid contracting this illness, while others are not so fortunate. Some symptoms are vaginal bleeding or abnormal discharge, and painful sexual intercourse. Oftentimes, this cancer takes years for symptoms to surface and become life-threatening. However, there are steps you can take in order to prevent this illness. If you do the following four things, you can reduce your risk of contracting cervical cancer:

Practice Good Diet And Nutrition Habits

The importance of healthy diet and nutrition habits cannot be overestimated. According to one study, a steady diet of fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce cervical cancer risk. This is because they often contain antioxidants which offers cancer protection. According to one medical study, a high consumption of these foods can reduce HPV infections and possibly kill potential cancer cells. Beans, carrots, leafy greens, broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, lettuce, garlic, and onions are some that can help prevent cervical cancer. Garlic and onions are perhaps the most effective foods in fighting this disease. The health benefits of both are tremendous. Garlic has been used for thousands of years to help humans maintain good health. One of the many benefits of this wonder food is that it has few calories, so you do not have to worry about gaining a lot of weight. It also boosts your immune system, which will help protect your body from cancer and or opportunistic diseases. It also fights against harmful environmental chemicals because garlic has compounds that fight free radicals. Onions are also low in calories and contains a compound that can reduce the risk of cervical and other cancers. Onions helps people have a positive attitude and promotes good heart health.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can significantly reduce your risk of contracting cervical cancer. Studies have overweight people have a higher risk than those that maintain a healthy weight. Obese individuals are also more likely to die from cancer in general. Daily exercise can help keep off unnecessary fat and strengthen your cardiovascular system. A consistent regimen can strengthen the immune system and this reduces your body's risk of contracting cancer, diabetes, viruses, and bacterial infections. All it takes is 30 minutes of daily exercise, 3-4 days a week to feel the positive effects. Over time, some people choose to do more, but it is not necessary. Choose activities that you enjoy and you do not have to participate in the same ones all the time. Jogging, walking, hiking, tennis, yoga, and other activities are great ways to burn off the pounds and stay in shape. To make things even more fun, consider bringing a friend. The important thing is that you stick to your routine. Before starting an exercise routine, consult your doctor or physician. You want to make sure that you are healthy enough for an aggressive regimen. He or she can also suggest the best one for you. Medical professionals also recommend that you drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. This will purify your body and help it function better.

Know Your Family History

According to numerous studies, women that have relatives with a history of cervical cancer are at greater risk. In particular, if a first-degree relative such as your mother, sister, or grandmother has contracted this illness. If this true, it is important to inform your doctor so that he or she can take appropriate measures. Your primary physician can keep you updated on new medications available that might help you. African-American women should especially know this because studies have shown that they have a higher risk than Caucasian women. Scientists do not know why and are conducting more research to find out why this is so.

Get Screened

Perhaps the best weapon you can use to fight cervical cancer is get regular screenings. This is especially true for women over the age of 30 or pregnant women. Early screenings can detect this disease in its early stage when it is still very treatable. There are numerous cervical exams available, but the Pap Test is the most recommended. Beginning at 21 years old, many doctors believe that women should have their first one. Women in their thirties and forties are encouraged to have one every 3-5 years. If you have a family history of cervical cancer, you should consider having one more often. This test can identify potential precancerous cells and help your doctor to begin immediate treatment. It can also help to alleviate or eliminate symptoms associated with this cancer.Even after being tested, you should maintain regular contact with your doctor. This should be done so  that if symptoms arise, your physician can treat them right away.

Practicing good diet and nutrition habits can help prevent cervical cancer. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that offer cancer protection and promotes good health. Regular exercise deters obesity, which is one of the leading contributors to cervical cancer. Knowing your family history is important because it can tell you how much at risk you might be. Your odds increase if you have a first-degree relative that has had it. Getting screened regularly can detect any possible cancer cells and possibly save your life. If you do the following four things, you can reduce your risk of contracting cervical cancer.

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