When it comes to toys for kids today, you think of electronics, not Lincoln logs. However, you will be surprised at how many timeless toys for today's kids you can find at places like FAO Schwartz and Back to Basics Toys. Below is a list of some favorites that you probably played with when you were younger and that your children still love, even today.

1. Mr. Potato Head

We all remember Mr. Potato head and his funny faces. He was introduced in 1952 and was the first toy that was ever advertised on television. He began as a variety of odd body shapes and funny face pieces that were stuck into fruits; he has since evolved into a plastic body potato with a suitcase of faces and accessories. You can find mini versions of the favorite spud as well as a Mrs. Potato head. Kids still love to arrange the funny faces and add silly accessories to the toy; even though it is not a Nintendo Wii, kids have a blast playing with this toy.

2. Lincoln Logs

Created in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, these wooden logs that linked together were a huge hit. They have since evolved and are no longer offered in wood, but now come in a plastic version that still looks like wood. The sets include accessories now that allow your creative child to not only build, but accessorize their homes, ranches and other creations.

3. Play-Doh

This was introduced originally as a wall paper cleaner, and in 1956 was re-marketed as a toy for children. Although the only color available at that time was an off-white, kids still loved it. Today, there are more than 50 colors to choose from and several kits to help young ones create just about anything they can imagine. Kids love cutting play-doh hair, making play-doh food and creating play-doh buildings and people. The smell has not changed much; open a can and you will be sent back in time when things were easier and life was good.

4. Slinky

This toy is proof that a toy does not need to have bells and whistles to entertain a child. The metal-coiled toy was nothing special; it just slinked down the stairs or down anything you created for it, but kids loved it. Today, kids still love this relatively uneventful toy; without any plugs, USB ports, or controllers, slinky has made a niche for itself among the technology of today's children's toys.

There are so many toys that have survived over time, proving themselves to be useful in our children's development. Although some of the toys from the past seem simple and may not appear to offer much for creating skills in a child, the truth is that they offer much more: creativity! When children are left with simple toys for entertainment, their creativity levels increase, and they become more responsible for their own entertainment.