Wild roses are the mother of all rose species. They are always found in the wild, and that's where their name comes from. Normally, with five petals, they're small and very beautiful flowers.
Wild Rose Care
It's possible to have wild roses in your garden, but you've got to pay some attention to caring for these beautiful flowers. Caring for wild roses is like caring for normal roses except for some small differences. In the next four tips, we'll show you the basics of wild rose care.

1. Health
Making your wild roses healthy is not difficult. You just need to be patient and use fertilizers regularly. The fertilizer market is huge, and you'll find many fertilizers to help your wild roses grow healthy.

2. Watering
Like all other plants, wild roses need to be watered properly. Don't do it too much or too little, just stay in the middle. A good watering will revive the soil where your wild roses grow, making them refreshed and damp. Please remember not to over-water.

3. Pests
These wonderful roses are not different from other flowers. Pests are very common and you should protect your roses from infestation. The first thing you should do is try to find deadwood and remove it, that helps preventing pests.

4. Shape
You can avoid letting your wild roses grow too wild by pruning them. Prune your roses, and you'll shape them, instead of having them branch out. Remember, you should prune your roses only in the proper season.