What is your link building strategy? Do you build links based on what worked for others or are you tracking your link building campaigns? When it comes to link building there is always room for improvement and that is why these 4 tips will help you with your current link building strategy.

Are you tired of not getting the traffic your site deserves? Most website owners think they should be getting more traffic than they really do and the truth is you probably do. The problem with link building isn't the fact that you aren't doing what you need to, it is probably you just aren't doing it the right way. There are many ways to do link building better and even improve your link building methods, but the first thing is that you need to learn these methods.

4 tips to improve your link strategy

Build links daily – The first thing is to build links daily that way you can climb the search engine rankings steadily instead of jumping from one position to the next. The other reason you should build links daily is because you don't want to get out of a rhythm. Once you get out of a rhythm you will find it hard to get back to what you were doing and your sites links could suffer.
Write articles – Another way to improve your link strategy is to write articles. The reason you want to write articles is because this will help get your links out around the internet as opposed to just in certain places. If you want to build a lot links very quickly then you really need to write articles and submit them to many different article directories.

Do guest posting – Guest posting is perhaps one of the best ways to build links and the reason is because you can get your links on many high page ranked sites very quickly. If you want to improve you link strategy then you need to do guest posting because it will help out immensely.
Study your stats – The last thing you need to improve your link building strategy is that you need to study your stats. Most website owners don't have anything to help them with their stats and this is problem. If you don't currently use Google Analytics then I highly recommend that you start because it will help you read where your traffic is coming from and what methods you should concentrate on.

If you are serious about building links to your website then you need to follow these 4 tips. Link building is more than just adding your link to comments of to posts, you need to have a strategy to get your links everywhere online.