Just because you don't have a large open space in your yard, it does not mean that you cannot have a thriving and beautiful garden. Gardener's Supply Company and Spring Hill Nurseries offer many great garden options that can be created in any space, even your patio.

1. Hanging Pots

If you space is very limited, you can use hanging pots to create a garden and still be able to use the space for entertaining and relaxing. You can find specialty pots that will grow your plants upside down, such as tomatoes or strawberries. The upside down planters have been designed to allow you to fertilize and water your plants as you would if they were in the ground. They grow fantastic fruits and vegetables and offer easy mobility. If your weather does not stay warm all year, just move the plants indoors during the frost to keep them healthy and thriving.

2. Potted Garden

With an abundance of floor space, a potted garden can be a great way to display your plants and flowers. Pots offer a great way to grow fruits, vegetables as well as flowers. Purchase unique pots of different shapes and sizes, and place them throughout your patio for a surrounding garden affect. You can sit outside and relax in the peaceful setting. The pots are easily moved indoors to avoid damage due to frost or bad weather.

3. Herb Garden

An herb garden can be created anywhere, indoors or on a patio. You can create an array of fresh herbs that will offer a wonderful aroma while looking beautiful. Using small pots, hanging pots or even a box garden, a herb garden can be easily created and maintained. There is nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs; you can turn an ordinary recipe into an extraordinary one with the simple addition of a fresh herb. It is recommended that if you do not live in an area that offers warm weather all year, create the herb garden in small pots so that they are easily brought indoors during the colder months.

4. Boxed Garden

If you have a large enough space and want the feel of an actual garden, a boxed garden may be the option for you. By creating or purchasing a box that suits the size needed, you can plant anything you wish and have the feel of an actual garden. Boxed gardens are clean and easy to maintain; you simply fill the box with the soil and fertilizer of your choice and begin planting. You must keep the weeds out and ensure that it is watered just as with any garden, but the rewards are tremendous. Some people suggest that you create a screen or meshing over the boxed garden to avoid small animals or birds from entering and damaging your plants.