Soul Mates

We all love the idea of finding our 'special someone'.

Our other half, our perfect match, the one we are meant to be with for life. But is all of that just Hollywood fairytale fluff, or is it really possible for each person to find their soul mate? And if so – how? 

Love-at-first-sight sounds romantic and easy, but isn’t always the case – however there are some clear steps you can follow to prepare yourself for meeting and being with your soul mate. 

  1. Know yourself. Self awareness is the single biggest personal goal to strive for in order to attract your soul mate. Many people push away aspects of themselves they don’t like or want to confront – only to have this ‘dark side’ pop up and destroy their romantic relationships. Be in touch with yourself … know your needs, wants, habits (good and bad!), goals and motivators. Until you know yourself deeply, you won’t be able to attract and retain your true soul mate.
  2. Know your criteria. Once you understand yourself, you’ll be able to define what you’re looking for in your soul mate. Write a list of character traits and attributes that this person would have – the important thing here is to be careful to avoid being superficial. It shouldn’t be of high importance that your soul mate has dark, curly hair, is 6ft tall and can flash a killer smile. What you’re trying to define here has to go deeper; otherwise you’ll potentially miss your soul mate when you meet them! Think about values you want to share with your soul mate – what are their beliefs around spirituality, money, family, health? Knowing what you’re looking for will help you send out a focused energy that attracts the right person into your life.  
  3. Know where to look. If you’re seeking a genuine, deep relationship, chances are you won’t find your amazing, caring soul mate sitting at the pokies or at a crowded bar. Follow your own interests and desires, and look for the person who is standing alongside you. Seminars, yoga classes, team sports, hiking, community groups and volunteering are all great places to meet, talk, and bond with people who care about the things you do – follow your passions and they will lead you to your heart’s desire.
  4. Know there’s a time and a plan. An element of finding your soul mate comes down to trust. Trust in yourself, and trust in the universe that everything happens at the right time, for the right reasons. You might feel impatient – wondering when that person is finally going to show up and fill your life with deeper meaning, but in most cases it’s when you are content by yourself that your soul mate is likely to walk along.

Finding your soul mate might not happen without some soul searching and effort on your part, but when it does, it’s definitely worth it! Invest in your search and you’ll be rewarded – here’s to a long, happy life with your soul mate.