This fast moving world leads to the problem that most people are under stress. You need to deliver better results in even shorter time. The problem: most people do not know how to reduce the stress and get a better flow in their life. This article will show four tips and techniques how to find and resolve fears that steam your flow of life, how to change your negative egoistic behavior, how to keep calm in stressful situations, and how to find your center with positive perception.

1. Have a Different Look at Your Fears

Make a list of your top ten biggest fears. Take a close look at these fears and get honest about how they have dominated your life. Your thoughts have created your reality but you have the power to change your thoughts.

Write down next to each fear the reason you believe this fear to be true. It does not matter how much you write down to each fear. The only rule that you need to apply is: Get honest. You may find out that your fear is based on an experience from your past, which ties you in a loop replaying over years. Your fear could also be based on a future event, which has not even happened. Head-on with your fears and begin to see how much it is only False Evidence Appearing Real.

2. Become a Great Listener

Have you ever felt exhausted after a conversation from all you said? Are you totally unable to listen to other people because you tend to ramble on about yourself? Just say to yourself, “W.A.I.T.: Why Am I Talking?” This technique can help you out of the ego behavior. Use this technique as often as possible and you will become a great listener. Great listening skills will improve your interpersonal relationships and will lead to a better acceptance by the persons in your circle of friends.

3. Calm Down – Peace Begins With You

This technique offers you a fast, simple, and effective solution for releasing anger. You can practice this technique anytime and anywhere – in line at the bank, in the office, in a meeting, or in an argument with your wife. Gently press your thumb against your index finger. Move on and press your thumb against your middle finger, then your ring finger and finally your pinkie finger.

  • When you touch your index finger, say: Peace
  • When you touch your middle finger, say: Begins
  • When you touch your ring finger, say:  With
  • When you touch your pinkie finger, say: Me

Breathe deeply as you say each word. Go in your pace you feel comfortable. This technique will help you through all emotions and help you release resentment fast.

4. Music is the Key

Have you ever had a strong emotional reaction to a song? The songs that make tears of joy in your eyes and goes directly under your skin as you are energized and inspired by the sound. If you feel frustrated, angry, or uninspired about certain areas of your life, you can use music to rejuvenate yourself from the inside out. Make a positive-perception playlist with a mix of songs that put a smile on your face. Listen to the playlist when you wake up in the morning, during your way to the work and back home, at the gym, while you cook dinner, etc. Use the playlist to shift your energy whenever you feel down. Let the music be your guide to reactivate your positive perception.


This short article showed you four simple tips and techniques to reduce the stress in your life. You learned:

  • how to find and release the fears that subconsciously stress you,
  • how to become a better listener and improve your interpersonal relationships,
  • how to keep calm your anger,
  • and how to find your way back from frustrated situations with the help of a positive-perception playlist

If you have additional tips, feel free to comment this article with additional tips and techniques. I wish you all best for a stress-free future.