While an entire bathroom re-do can be costly and time consuming, there are several things you can do to your lighting fixtures, floors, walls and decor to make this room really shine.

Lighting Fixtures

Changing your lighting fixtures can create a dramatic new look for your bathroom. It may even save you some money on your electric bill if you choose low-voltage vanity lights or even LED. It is important that in addition to natural light, if available, you should also install task lighting. Task lighting is the type of light that allows you to apply makeup, shave, brush your teeth, etc. The ideal place to install task lighting is on both sides of the mirror. It will eliminate shadows on your face and create a nice ambience. Sconce lighting fixtures are great and will surely add a touch of class your bathroom.


When it comes to flooring, there are a variety of options from ceramic tile and laminate to hard wood and vinyl, each with their own pros and cons. Ceramic tiles are slip-proof and can be one of the most hygienic choices if you choose a moisture-proof brand. Laminate is another good choice for bathrooms since you can create a faux wood finish for a fraction of the cost. Hardwood floors add warmth and charm to the room. If you already have hardwood floors, consider giving them a new coat of stain to freshen the look. Vinyl flooring is the most popular choice for bathroom floors because it comes in long rolls that allow for easy installation.


If your walls are drab and boring or covered in outdated wall paper, consider stripping the wall paper (a steamer can be used that makes this a lot easier) and give your walls a new coat of paint. Add a few pieces of art work or frame your favorite photograph from your family vacation to add some color and life your walls.

Accessories and Decor

Some bathrooms are lacking in storage for toiletry items or guest hand towels. Consider adding floating shelves to make room for those necessary Q-tips and washcloths. Changing the fixtures can also make a huge difference. Choose a new toilet paper holder, towel holder, faucet and knobs for bathroom cabinets. Jars and trays are fun accents for a beach house while other accessories give a more sophisticated look.

Another way you can spruce up your bathroom is by purchasing a new shower curtain and towels. Throw out your mismatched, stained and torn towels and invest in a new set of complimentary towels that will give the bathroom a nice pop of color and can be changed out easily. Layer the towels on your towel rod and mix patterns and colors to give a pop to your bathroom walls. To

No matter if you are looking for a quick bathroom re-do or a total makeover, give some attention to your floors, walls, lighting and accessories and you will have a beautiful new bathroom in no time.