Dating with a physical disability has become more acceptable in today's world than it was traditionally. Those bold enough are more willing to cross the disability line when they find love. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find a physically abled person getting married to a physically disabled person and living like any other normal couple out there. Dating with a physical disability is not as hard as people make it sound. All one needs it to do is bear a couple of things in mind and they will have a perfectly healthy relationship.

Be Positive

Being positive cannot be overemphasized. Everybody likes a positive partner, whether disabled or not. You need to remember that your date is already aware of your disability and chances are, they do not mind it, otherwise they would not be dating you in the first place. Be careful not to keep picking on your short leg or your paralyzed arm at every conversation. This is the easiest way to draw your mate's psychological attention to your disability even when they did not care much about it in the first place. Avoid turning your date into an emotional bag. This is the surest way to become a bore after a couple of meetings and have your partner run away for fear of having a dependant for a partner.

Make Your Partner Aware of Your Special Needs
Part of being positive is recognizing your special needs and letting your date know in advance if you are going to need their help. If you are going to use a wheelchair for your date, you will need to let your partner know that you will be needing them to help you move around. You cannot expect your partner to anticipate all your needs. If you do not make them aware, you again cannot blame them for being insensitive to your needs. However, there is also need to exercise caution with your request for help. Only ask to be helped with tasks that you cannot honestly handle. If you are capable of doing something, let your partner know that you are self-sufficient in that aspect and that you are not counting on them for everything.
Be Realistic in Choosing Fun Activities
Part of dating involves having fun. If your date loves dancing and it is impossible for you to dance, you need to let them know it does not work for you. Let them know what fun activities the two of you can be involved in. If the activities are new to your mate, you need to help your partner build interest in them in order to genuinely enjoy being out with you. Also remember to be sensitive to your partner's hobbies. You can once in a while accompany your partner to do what he loves doing. Do not deprive them of their lifestyle.
Build Romance
Being a romantic relationship, your partner's romantic needs should be satisfactorily met. The two of you should figure out a way of meeting each other's romantic needs even through the disability.This can be a bit challenging especially if you are not confident about your body. You need to be sure of your sexuality and what you want to achieve. Remember romance keeps the fire burning.
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