Creating your InfoBarrel content is just the first step; Creating links and awareness with on-page SEO, Social Networking and backlinks is critical.

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[Note: While this content is written specifically for InfoBarrel, the principles here can be applied to any article site, including your own blog]

Here are 3 helpful tips to increase traffic to your InfoBarrel articles. Most importantly, you'll want to ensure that the articles you write and share on social channels like Twitter and Facebook are optimized for search engines so that you aren't wasting your time just writing articles. You are writing articles that readers will find.

1. Take control of your on-page SEO and Optimize your InfoBarrel article for it.

Make sure you target the right keywords and search phrases for your article, and that you are consistent. The areas you'll want to do this with are in your title, summary, tags, subtitles and image. You'll also want to do this throughout your article copy, and especially in your header tags and article headlines.

There’s something you have to keep in mind: Search engines (Google, Bing, etc, ) do not have a sense of humor. A clever phrase or rhyme in your headline may appeal to human readers, but Google may not recognize its relevance. But when human readers Google your keywords, you will want your article  to appear. Of course, your article  will not show up if it isn’t optimized for search engines. If you still want to write catchy headlines, just re-write your article title as literal description of the article and craft a humorous, clever or  entertaining headline which will catch your audiences attention in when they see it shared on social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, etc.).

Tools like Google's Keyword Research and Market Samurai are great ways to identify the best keywords and alternate phrases to capture in your content. You can also research the most popular search phrases using Google Insights.

2. Set a publishing plan for your InfoBarrel articles. And stick to it.

Whether you plan to publish 1 article a day or 10 articles a day, create a calendar and stick to it. If you want to become a an InforBarrel though leader, not to mention creating a critical mass of articles that will drive traffic to the InfoBarrel and generate more clicks, you need more and regular content. Write as often as you, but, even better, create a plan, be disciplined and stick with in.

3. When it comes to social media, share your InfoBarrel articles early and often.

Search are social media are now inextricably entwined together. Alongside keywords, search engines are now taking into account Tweets, Facebook “likes” and Google “+1's” into their algorithms. Therefore, the more that your article is shared, the higher it will rank.

Here’s another important thing to keep in mind. The web is global. InfoBarrel is online 24/7. So while you and 1/3 of your readers are sleeping, 2/3 of the world is up and could be online. Not every potential reader lives in your time zone. With that in mind, a single Tweet or share of your article is not sufficient. If you're in London and you Tweet your blog post at 10:30 a.m., your readers in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco are still asleep (normally) and they could miss your content. Spacing out a couple of Tweets and Facebook posts of your articles ensure that all of your target audience members has the opportunity to see them. They still might not see them, but at least they have the chance.

And finally, don't forget that the weekend is usually the time when people tend to catch up on their reading which they are not able to get to during the week. So a few Re-tweets of your articles on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon will increase your traffic.


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