There's 4 specific elements that every single champion athlete possesses which will place them on the edge with their respective sport that can be carried over into Mma and other combat sports. Granted, countless very good athletes retain natural talent which is a gift, yet absolutely everyone has the ability to obtain the skill-sets necessary to participate at very high levels of competition. One particular skill is mental toughness.

Natural talent and physical abilities will still only take you so far simply because they're physical properties that only make up 50% of your body wholes. We must incorporate the other 1 / 2 of our-self which is our internal game. The following 4 characteristics certainly are a prerequisite if you'd like to be a success.

  1. Become flexible: Which means that you have to be capable of "role with the punches" prior to, during and after competition. Remaining capable of switch gears mentally as well as remain poised, positive, along with centered. To be versatile is developing the capability to flex with the situations which might be out of your control of things. Some things as injuries, sickness, awful officiating, blown game plans, or whatever adverse situation imaginable can and do happen, however , deciding to advance in the path that will serve your circumstances, instead of focus on the dilemma itself is an excellent signal of a mentally tough athlete.
  2. Always be receptive: This is the ability to remain charged, centered, intense and highly connected in moments of severe stress. As the battle heads to another level, responsive athletes step up their game since the game itself, steps up. These kinds of athletes are usually coined "clutch" players, as well as "the go to guys". They don't pull away from the difficult task and grow unresponsive. This is another indicator of a mentally tough athlete.
  3. Be Strong: Mentally and emotionally powerful athletes support the ability to inflict and withstand immense mental drive when under great demands which help them support their "fighter" attitude. They are not swayed simply by "momentum swings" or "bad calls" or mistakes. They keep the aggression right from the start to the conclusion, without regard for pain, exhaustion, or even the scoreboard. They keep competing since it's putting up the good fight that's essential to them.
  4. Be sturdy: Resilient athletes are able to take in problems and mistakes and bounce back rapidly while simultaneously getting stronger. They place the unfortunate circumstances behind them and refocus on the job currently happening. They understand that emphasizing the situation merely creates far more problems, so learning to be a solution focused athlete offers them more choices for achievement.


These 4 attributes may be knowingly converted to habits by any athlete. You need not be considered a super star to become a super star. Basically much like the physical side of sports, one gets better with "perfect" practice, so will the mental factor. One way to acquire these four characteristics is to recite them continuously, and also knowingly try and catch yourself when you aren't acting in the limitations. By knowingly training yourself within these 4 features, they are going to eventually become habitual, and shift you toward greatness.