Aside from the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most customized areas in any home. Most people have their own particular morning and evening routines in the bathroom, and the layout and design of the bathroom should fit their lifestyle. The bathroom vanity set is a central part of any bathroom, and that means it requires a great deal of consideration. If you’re interested in upgrading or customizing the look of your bathroom, the bath vanity is an incredibly cost- effective way to transform it—especially with the wide variety of discount bathroom vanities out there.

You might be surprised to learn that there are four types of bathroom vanities to choose from: the cabinet vanity, open shelving vanity, console vanity and double sink bathroom vanity. Each has a different function, and it might be helpful to mix and match them. With a variety of different styles and materials to choose from, as well as a number of materials, it won’t be long until you get the custom bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Cabinet Vanity

The cabinet vanity is a basic vanity that can be wall-mounted, recessed, or used as a medicine cabinet. In addition to a sink, the cabinet vanity comes with cabinets and drawers to allow for storage. You can use them to place cosmetics, toiletries and additional supplies, like medicine or bandages. Some of them also come with built-in or wall-mounted mirrors, which add that finishing touch to the display.

Open Shelving Vanity

The open shelving vanity has various shelving options that make it appealing if you need a lot of storage space. You can choose from recessed shelving, corner shelving or surface mounted shelving. Plus, with the open shelving, it’s convenient as a place to store things you want to have quick access to, but don’t want out on the countertop.

Console Vanity

Sometimes, you don’t need additional sinks in your bathroom vanity set, and you want to accessorize with attractive vanities that add some storage, counter space and character to the bathroom. These come in a variety of options: some are a table-and-chair set, while others are open, with a wide countertop. Most of them are customizable and ready to have a sink added, if you decide you want one, down the road. 

Double Vanity

The double sink bathroom vanity allows for two sinks and, by extension, for two people to use the vanity side-by-side. As far as upgrades to a bathroom go, this is an excellent one to consider. Not only does it add class and style, it adds a great deal of functionality for a couple or a family that needs to use the bathroom at the same time.

Obviously, there’s more to the bath vanity than just these types. There are plenty of variations, and some vanities are available that combine more than one of these types. In addition, you can find vanities in a huge range of materials: ceramic, brass, stone, wood, gold, glass, chrome, stainless steel, fiberglass, porcelain, and much more. With so many types of vanities and materials available, plus discount bathroom vanities that fill the same role for less money, there is definitely a combination out there that would be perfect for your bathroom vanity set.