It is funny how something as simple as using a computer can be versatile enough to warrant different types of keyboards for each user’s habits.

Some people look for comfort in their keyboards, others look for keyboards sturdy enough to withstand a lot of typing and activity. No matter what types of keyboards suit your computer usage, there is something out there for you. 

Keyboards are interchangeable too. Whether you bought Mac 21.5 or the newest PC, you can always change out your keyboard out to your preference. 

Best types of keyboards for high performance

Advertised as a keyboard for “world domination” in its Amazon description, the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard is such a capable piece of technology that it can do anything its users (dedicated, well-versed computer users, generally) require of it.

It boasts German engineering with mechanical key switches as well as fade-proof laser-edged character inscriptions on keys which will really suit those of you who do an incredible amount of typing.

Considered the best in class among all other keyboards, this keyboard is advertised for coders and others who need a lot of precision and quick typing speed.

It is also noted to have a long lifespan of ten times longer than other standard types of keyboards, which is shows it is marketed for high performance.

One concern: the keys are loud when you type, so if that poses a problem for your computer life then scroll onwards. Available for $127.99, which I must say is a rather good price for such a versatile piece of equipment.


Best types of keyboards for comfort

The Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite is noted by IT professionals and other frequent computer users to be the most comfortable ergonomic types of keyboards available today.

The keys are split and the keyboard is designed in a wave with a slope to mimic the way the hands naturally falls while typing. There is a palm rest placed where your wrists will lay for added comfort, and the keyboard even has adjustable legs so you can set it up the way that is most comfortable for your hands.

Because of all of the added insights on comfort, this is one of the types of keyboards that boasts assistance in paying attention to your own posture while you sit at your computer, which puts it miles ahead of other types of keyboards in the area of ergonomics. 

Best types of keyboards for wireless usage

Logitech moves into its realm of awesome wireless types of keyboards with the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800, which takes the top of the list for wireless types of keyboards.

This is one of the types of keyboards with a standard rather than a wave layout, giving it a classic look preferred by many die-hard computer users. To the pleasure of many seeking the best types of keyboards available, this keyboard advertises itself as being a quiet keyboard due to its Perfect Stroke technology, so cease your search of types of keyboards with quiet keys because this one will take the cake in that realm, given the added benefit of it being wireless.

The quietness of these keyboards is enhanced by the fact that the keys illuminate on this Logitech, making it perfect for people who type into the night and would rather avoid awaking sleeping family members.

This keyboard is also advertised as being ultra thin, making it a perfect of the types of keyboards for minimalists who covet a wireless keyboard. It is available for $69.99 on Amazon.


Best types of keyboards for tablet usage

Mini types of keyboards are fairly new, available to compliment the usage of tablets and for those who have thumbs too big to accurately do anything on their iPads without the assistance of Auto Correct. The Menotek Flexible Bluetooth Waterproof Mini Keyboard tops the list for the table keyboards, for those of you looking to enhance or make your tablet experience more portable.

It is waterproof and washable, so take it to your local coffee shop and type away without fear.

It is also easily foldable, which puts it ahead of other mini keyboards noted as being too bulky for comfortable portability.

It is rechargeable via a USB cable and comes with user-friendly instructions to set it up with various devices. Many reviewers also credit this keyboard for lasting several years or more, which is a bonus that can be lost on the mini types of keyboards available today.