Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular phones and gadgets of all time. With each new upgrade , fans of the useful phone have to do something with their existing model. Apple will take the old one in exchange for credit, but owners have other options as well. Here are 4 things that an iPhone lover can do with that old, outdated model.

Sell It

Just because you have to have to the newest version of the iPhone, does not mean that others feel the same way. Older versions command a high price as a used phone and there are various options to sell an older model. Selling the phone online through one of the various online auction sites may result in the highest price for the phone, but there are other ways to sell the phone. In many cases, just mentioning that you have one for sale will allow you to find a buyer. Bulletin boards at work and newspaper classifieds are two other options. Another option is to trade the phone for store credit (or cash) at one of many retail stores that deal in used electronics. Alternatively look for iphone deals that will give you part exchange towards other gadgets like tablets, TV's and even new computers. These give you a great way to part exchange it for someting even better.

Let the Kids Play With It

Kids love cell phones and the iPhone makes a great toy. There are games to play, a camera to use and other neat features to keep kids entertained. But playing with an iPhone is also educational. Among other things, kids will learn how to use an interactive touchscreen which appears to be the way many computer interactions will happen in the future. If fact, some employers are already requiring that applicants for employment be familiar with operating a smart phone. So, let the kids have at it. They aren’t just playing with it, they are building job skills!

Donate It

As with almost any other item of value, an old iPhone can be donated to a thrift store operated by an IRS recognized charity in return for a tax deduction. While the deduction is generally not as valuable as the cash you might get from selling the phone, donation is hassle free and will allow the charity to sell the phone and fund a worthy project.

Internet Backup

An old iPhone can be used with available Wi-Fi to search the Internet. This means that your old phone makes a useful backup for your new iPhone, laptop or other device. Throw it in the glove box of your car (with the charger!) for emergency use finding directions or checking email. By using it in this way, you will still have it to use in case something happens to your new iPhone. The old iPhone can also still be used as a camera and music player as well. An old version also can be used to play music in the gym or while jogging to reduce the risk of damaging the newer phone.