Driving can be considered as a dangerous activity, given that many people are hurt due to car accidents every year. In fact, statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that about 37, 261 people died while over 2.3 million others were injured due to traffic accidents in 2008.

Accidents can happen, regardless if you are careful with your actions or not. You can follow traffic rules, but there is no assurance that the other driver will do the same.

If you were involved in an accident, here are four ways on how you can deal with it:

  • Stay calm- Panicking will only make matters worse so it is better if you try to calm yourself by counting 1-10 or taking a deep breath. Being calm will enable you to handle the situation properly.
  • Make sure that you are safe- If you were trapped inside the car, you should not do anything that can worsen the situation. You should also check you passengers and see if anyone was hurt.

    If you or your passenger was injured, it is advisable that you call for immediate medical assistance. When you call 911, be prepared to provide these details to the dispatcher:

    • The accident and the events that occurred after it. - The dispatcher should know the type of accident that you were involved in. He should also know if there are events that resulted from the crash like traffic pileup or fire.
    • Personal information- Give your name and cell phone number to the dispatcher. It will enable him to call you if ever he needs to get more information regarding the crash
    • The area where the accident occurred- Tell the dispatcher the exact spot where the crash took place. It is better you give him specific details like the city, road number, road name, travel directions, mile markings, and landmarks.
    • Report the accident to the authorities- When you call 911, both medical and police assistance will be likely sent to the accident area. Do not forget to file a police report because it may be useful for you later on, especially if you are planning to sue the other driver.
    • Call a car accident attorney in Los Angeles- Acquiring legal help will enable you to prove that the accident happened because the other driver failed to follow traffic rules.

      A Los Angeles personal injury attorney will be able to achieve this goal. He will gather evidence which shows that the accident would not have happened if the other driver stopped at a red light or followed the imposed speed limits.