Motorcycle accidents are considered to be one of the common causes of unintentional deaths in the United States. Statistics show that in 2008 alone, around 5,290 motorcyclists were killed while 96,000 others were injured due this type of traffic accident.

It is common knowledge that motorcycle riding is dangerous, considering that this vehicle is less stable compared to cars and it cannot provide adequate protection to the person who is riding it.

Here are 2008 statistics on motorcycle accidents:

  • Around 59 percent of all the motorcyclists who were killed during the year were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.
  • Around 25 of fatal motorcycle accidents involved bikers who collided with stationary objects while 19 percent of them involved bikers who collided with cars.
  • Around 3 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents that occurred during the year are alcohol-related.

If you were injured after colliding with a speeding or drunken car driver, you can take legal action against him order to be compensated for your injuries. A Los Angeles  motorcycle accident attorney will maximize your chances of winning the case by showing that the accident could have been avoided if the driver followed traffic rules.


Protecting Yourself

As a motorcyclist, your safety should be your main priority whenever you are out on the road. You should remember that if an accident happens, there is a high chance that you will be seriously injured in it.

Here are different ways on you can avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • Practice defensive riding- It will increase your chances of saving yourself if ever you encounter a negligent driver.
  • Make your presence felt by drivers- Because of the size of a motorcycle, you may not be easily noticed by drivers. You can make your presence felt by using your vehicle’s horn.
  • Check your motorcycle- Before you go out on the road, you should first make sure that your motorcycle’s brakes and tires are in a good condition. If the brakes are not working or if the tires are already worn out, you should immediately address the problem because failure to do so may result in an accident.
  • Watch out for road hazards- Because your motorcycle only has two wheels, you can easily lose control of it if you accidentally ran over road hazards like debris, rocks, or potholes.