We all want to become better men, or at least we should!  With so many mixed messages out there and so many "bad" examples, how do we do it?

Here are four simple, free, and very powerful ways to set you on a path to being a better man! 

1.  Stop waiting for someone else to fix your problems!

It's not your wife's job to fix you.  The next president is not going to solve your problems.  Your boss is not holding you back at work.  Men today, including myself, have fallen victim to stagnation and complacency.  We may show up but we don't participate.  We may clock in, but we don't produce.  We have become so comfortable watching television, playing the lotto, and eating cheeseburgers that we have forgotten what our true role is.  That role is a leader!  It's time to stop waiting for someone else to get it done.  Coming home to a night of television or other mindless activity is no longer acceptable.  We need to become the men we are meant to be.  Wake up each day and take charge of your life.  No longer should we suffer the misery of boredom and disappointment.  Be a man, lead your family, and pursue excellence in your life.  Have goals, work hard, and be intentional with your life.  Do this and you will soon start to feel like a man again!

2. Love your wife and children...and let them see it.

Who or what matters more in your life than your wife and your children?  Obviously, no one and nothing should be the answer.  Many times, however, something else takes that top spot.  It is often a career, a golf game, a hobby, or a round of beers with the guys.  We need to stop and reset our priorities.  My wife and my child were given to me as a gift!  And yours are a gift to you.  We need to do everything we can to love them, and let them see it and know it.  Few things matter more than that!  If you plan and make time everyday to be with your family and really interact with them you will start to see very rewarding changes!  This can be something as simple as asking your wife how her day went or reading a book with your child.  But let me add, you must be mentally and emotionally present.  Just being in the same room won't count.  They have to know you truly care about them and their lives and passions.

3. Start reading.

We should constantly strive to become better today than we were yesterday.  Very few things can help you do this more than regular reading.  Books, articles, summaries, eBooks, audio books, and magazines are available on any and all imaginable topics.  You can sit down at your computer and have a dozen books or articles on a given topic in a matter of minutes.  I still visit my local library which now has an excellent website offering access to multiple sites and databases.  I can search for books at more than a dozen libraries, down load eBooks, and check out audio books.   There is no excuse not to educate yourself.  I choose to read books on being a better husband and father as well as many other topics I am interested in.  Don't forget, information is limitless and access is a few clicks away.  Challenge yourself again...you may be surprised what you can accomplish.

4. Get your daily 30 done.

A modern man has many demands throughout his day.  From getting up early to get the kids ready for school to working overtime to finish a project to doing repairs around the house, we are often in constant motion.  Our bodies are often pushed to the limit on a daily basis.  One of the best things you can do to keep yourself energized and healthy is to get regular exercise.  This can be running, walking, swimming, biking, weight lifting, and on and on.  This exercise keeps your muscles strong and flexible, your heart healthy, and your mind sharp. Get in a regular routine of some sort of exercise and start reaping the benefits.  You will likely lose weight, bulk up, gain energy, feel better and be in a better mood.  One of my favorite benefits to regular exercise is that it really helps me clear my mind and increases my ability to focus.

In summary, this is a short list of things you can start doing right now to become a better man.  Our lives are in a state of change and we must be able to adapt and be prepared to be men.  I hope you will implement these in your life.

 Become a better man, for yourself and for your family!