Wearing a motorcycle helmet may seem like a hassle to some, but it can save your life. There are many ways to make wearing a helmet more enjoyable; you can customize your helmet to have it reflect your own personal style and taste. Stores like Motorcycle Superstore and BikeBandit.com have some great ideas for personalizes helmets. Take a look below at some of the great ways you can customize your motorcycle helmet.

1. State Colors

Many bikers want to show off their love for their state or their country by painting their colors on their helmet. For bikers who take the long hauls and ride through the countryside, it is a great way to let people know where they came from and how far they have travelled.

2. Tattoos

Having tattoos placed on the motorcycle helmet is a great way to personalize it and create a style that is truly unique to the rider. In many cases, you will find that the rider has placed the same tattoos they are sporting on their arms, backs or chest onto their helmet. This is one way of ensuring no one else can claim that the helmet belongs to them; just roll up your sleeve, show off the matching artwork and be on your way.

3. Custom Artwork

Having custom artwork painted onto the helmet is a great way to show off your own personal style and expression. The artwork can be your own, can be something or someone you love, or just an image that seems to relate to you and your style. There is no end to the type of artwork you can choose and with it being customized, it will be one of kind.

4. Mohwaks

Mohwaks are a fun way to express yourself and get attention on the road. There are many styles to choose from, and they come in some of the most vibrant colors you've ever seen. Mohawks are created to add some flare to your helmet and create a personal style that is all your own, but they can also add some safety features to your ride as well. Most drivers who are involved in an accident with a motorcyclist say that they just simply did not see the biker. While wearing one of these loud and colorful Mohawks, it will be hard to go unnoticed. So, the next time you hop on your bike and get ready to take on the open road, be sure to wear your customized helmet and let people see you coming.