Despite of the ever-growing number of schools and colleges that seem to be springing up like mushrooms, not all students or interested adults can afford to attend them and get the degree they want. Often times, the vicissitudes of life prevent a lot of people from getting their much-needed degree. The loss of a job, poor life conditions or extremely busy schedules can definitely put their mark on the normal course of any student’s life. But there are ways to overcome all of these obstacles and get the diploma everyone needs nowadays.

One of them is strongly related to distance learning and online courses. If your overly busy schedule does not allow you to attend regular classes, you should opt for the online versions of university taught coursed instead. You can attend an online college; just make sure it is legally authorized to function as a university. You can easily get your post-grad or even undergraduate diploma at some really low costs. Saving up to half on tuition due to low per credit costs is really an advantage for anyone who has to work just to keep the electricity running. Online courses or colleges are a perfect match for students with the above circumstances. To be sure to choose the right school you should pick a university from the top online colleges speeding through college, pay attention to accreditation and online school rankings.

Another clever way of getting your degree despite of the fact you do not have much time or money at hand is to find a job at a company that is willing to offer you tuition reimbursements. You can benefit from this great opportunity, continue to work and attend classes without having to fear that you will not be able to afford them mid way though your studies.   

The third recommendation is strongly related to scholarships. Go on a hunt for scholarships both large and small. Apply for as many as time allows you and enjoy the free money. You will not have to pay it back and there is not interest when there is no loan to pay back. This option is also extremely viable when you are short of money.

You can also choose to attend community college for one or two years, just until you are on your own two feet and college tuitions will stop being such an issue for your empty bank account. A lot of students understand the importance of building their future no matter how bad things look at present, so they agree to attend junior colleges in the meantime, save a lot of money and then get transferred to a university to complete their studies. 

Of course you can always opt for an accelerated college program, or “speeding through college,” that enables you to considerably speed your bachelor's degree in just three years. You can check out several colleges for their speedy degree earning alternatives and save up to $10,000 on tuition.  You might not enjoy a lot of spare time and your fulltime job might have to become a part-time or project-based one, but being able to save this kind of money should definitely count a lot when making your decision.

All in all, there are many options you can consider when it comes to getting your degree when life is not being very generous to you. You can choose online colleges, accelerated colleges, you can apply for scholarships, attend community college for a couple of years and you can even get tuition reimbursements from your employers.