After being involved in an accident, you can engage in settlement talks in order to avoid filing a lawsuit in court. These talks usually involve you and the other party's insurance company.

Settlement talks are done in order to agree on a certain amount of settlement pay, which will be given to you. An insurance adjuster determines how much money you are entitled to receive by looking at all the facts that are related to the accident.

Remember that the insurance adjuster will likely offer you a low amount during settlement talks. It will be up to you if you want to accept it or ask for a higher amount.

Here are four tips that you should follow in order to get a higher car accident settlement pay:

  • Seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer- Your lawyer will represent you during settlement talks and decide if the amount that is being offered to you is enough to cover all of your losses. He will be able to come up with a reasonable decision after studying the evidence you have gathered, computing your medical and rehabilitation bills, and considering the seriousness of your injuries.
  • Do not accept the initial offer- Be prepared if ever your insurance adjuster offers you an initial amount, which is much lower than what you expected. This is a common practice in negotiation settlements. If you feel that you deserve a higher amount, do not hesitate to say so.
  • Ask for a valid explanation- The insurance adjuster may offer a low amount in order to see your negotiating skills. If this situation happens, ask the adjuster to give you a valid explanation. If he was not able to justify his offer, do not accept the money and state the reasons why you made this decision.
  • Think of an amount that you want to receive- Before you talk to the insurance adjuster, you should first think of an amount that will likely cover all your losses. Having a certain amount in mind will prevent you from immediately taking the money that is being offered to you.

If you make a sudden decision, you might regret it in the long run. It is advisable that you wait for the adjuster to increase the amount of settlement pay. In addition, you should study all of his actions. If the adjuster immediately offers a big amount at the start of the negotiation, you can increase your desired settlement amount because he can likely afford it.

This article is not meant to be interpreted as a legal advice. To know the available legal options regarding your case, consult a Personal Injury Lawyer for more information.