I love helping people, I really do.  But needing most of my paycheck to cover rent and not having the time to put in a full day working on a house with my local Habitat for Humanity chapter makes that difficult.  Fortunately, that doesn’t mean I can’t lend support to good causes. 

There are a lot of large organizations that are willing to donate money for you if you put in a bit of effort.  And I mean, little effort. Which is great! My daily routine isn’t interrupted and I’m helping someone at the same time.

Good Search:  There are more search engines out there than Google, and Good Search is a good alternative.  It’s powered by Yahoo!, and for every search you initiate through the site Good Search will donate half the revenue from sponsored searches to a charity of your choice.  The site also donates money if you use their online shop feature to buy products from stores like Amazon.

Free Rice:  This is a wonderful website!  It’s built around a vocabulary game, and for each answer you get right Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.  Now, I know 10 grains isn’t a lot, but if you answer five questions a day that will add up very quickly.  Tackling world hunger and making you smarter at the same time, what could be better?

Care2: This website hosts lots of charity banners where each click results in that charity’s sponsors donating funds to the charity.  You can only click once per charity per day, but you can sign up to track your support clicks.  And when a single click thanks you for saving 100 square feet of the ocean, you really feel as if you are having a positive effect.

World Community Grid:  This organization takes the spare computer processing power you aren’t using and puts it to good use – be it analyzing protein strands to help fight cancer or helping to find new materials to aid in capturing solar power.