Maintaining balance in life is an always changing process. We achieve balance in the moment, understanding that in the next moment everything may change. When you feel yourself feeling stressed and unbalanced, it's time to make an adjustment in your life. Here are some ways to assist to maintain a balanced life.

  1. Know What You Want
    Balance occurs when who you are, what you want to do in life & what you value is aligned with your activities, choices and thoughts. To honor your true self, you must know yourself well. Communicate your needs, identify your values and respect your priorities. Pay attention to what's important to you & align your life with your heart desires. Formulate a crystal clear vision for your life & set goals to achieve this vision.
  2. Live in the Present
    Balance requires the ability and flexibility to roll with whatever life hands us. To stay balanced, you need to keep the energy flowing in your body. Fighting with life will disrupt the flow. Worrying about the future and reliving past pain will block your energy. Practice experiencing the moment. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up for you. If you feel angry, feel the anger. If joy is your primary emotion, embrace it wholeheartedly. Be in the moment and you will naturally move through any negative feelings.
  3. Make Balanced Choices
    Make decisions by weighing the effects these choices have on your entire life. For every YES, you are saying NO to something else. If you say yes to sleeping in, you may be saying no to working out or taking quiet time alone. If you say no to cleaning your house, you might be saying yes to spending time with the children. Say yes to the activities, situations or tasks that make you feel more alive & no to the ones that drain you.
  4. Embrace Love - Nurture your Spirit
    We all have a need to be loved and love. Throughout life, we experience an array of unsettling emotions – anger, fear and sadness. Love is the emotion that balances it all. By nurturing our spirit, we can experience calm and peace when life's storms are raging around us. Do community service work. Nurture your relationship with God - He will give you peace. Practice meditation or yoga. Spend time in nature - it will ground you.