4 Ways to Respond to Anything!
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     Have you every been insulted in a clever way and did not have a comeback ready only to have a great line pop into your head hours later? It can be frustrating and embarrassing to be verbally “gotten” in front of significant others like bosses and partners. You walk away, ego bruised, to hide in shame wishing you knew what to say in these situations. You need things you can say that are appropriate for most situations and easy to remember. You should be able to respond to anything anyone ever says to you, while giving yourself a moment of time to think and gain your composure. Well you start with the phrase “that's interesting” and then add one of four different phrases depending on the situation. Here are four ways you can do that and respond to anything!

 That's interesting...

  • ...Tell me more” is the number one best phrase to use to throw someone off their game, which is insulting you. You can repeat it to get yourself out of a lot of verbal confrontations.


  • ...Why would you say that?” is an excellent phrase for turning the situation back on them, placing the burden of explaining their motive on to them.


  • ...Why would you do that?” covers any situation where they are doing or threatening to do something to you.


  • ...Why would you ask that?” covers situations where people ask awkward or personal questions in order to make you look bad. Questioning their motives makes them back up what they say, something most people are not ready for.

      So when someone says something to you that activates your ego, do not instantly react with something equally insulting back. Take the higher road and make them back up what they have said. Put the pressure on them and remember they are reflecting on themselves, not you. The more nasty the things they say the worse they will end up looking. Really mean it when you say it and the results you get may be quite fascinating. It might help a person go from being your enemy to a friend by helping them delve into their motives and really explain themselves. You may find out why they are saying those things and manage to clear the air between the two of you. At the very least you are communicating to them that they “cannot get your goat”, you will not “loose your cool” so they will give up trying. I hope these four ways to respond to people helps you out, saving you a lot of stress and embarrassment thought your life.

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