Leggings are very popular this year. Many women are wondering how to wear them and if they are age appropriate. Stores like Buckle and American Eagle Outfitters offer many different variations of leggings in styles that are suitable for everyone. There is a way to sport them and look great, no matter how old you are.

Leggings are similar to tights. They are available in various materials from the light weight to the heavier materials, but all are tight fitting and snug the body closely. Leggings can end at the calf or at the ankle and should be worn as an accessory, not as a substitute for pants.

1. Leggings and Long Sweaters

Leggings look great with long sweaters. The rule is to have the sweater at least long enough to cover the buttocks and not too tight fitting that it creates an uneven look. You can wear a variety of styles of leggings, and high heeled shoes look great with the leggings that end at the calf. Flats can be paired up with leggings that end at the ankle for a casual style.

2. Shirt Dress and Leggings

A shirt dress offers a casual and fun look, and when paired up with leggings, it offers even more style. Keep in mind that a shirt dress is not a long t-shirt; this will only make you look like you forgot to put on your pants. You can find shirt dresses in a variety of women's boutiques and they are playful and fun. They offer a stylish way to enjoy being casual.

3. Boyfriend Jacket and Leggings

The boyfriend jacket is something most women have in their closet already and are usually stumped as to how to pair it up for a new and exciting look. Leggings can offer that new look you want. This creates a very stylish and sophisticated casual look. The jacket should of course be long enough to cover your rear and the leggings should be tight to the ankle. Wear a pair of high heels or ankle boots with the outfit and pair it up with a colorful and sexy blouse under the jacket. Stick to a common color for the jacket, shoes and leggings and use the blouse under the jacket for your color or design. Black is very slimming and works great for Fall, Winter and even early Spring.

4. Dress and Leggings

When you pair up a dress with leggings, be sure it is a longer dress. Wearing micro minis with leggings is usually exposing more of your backside than you want and can look very unstylish. Stick to a longer dress and wear a calmer shade of leggings than the dress. This means if you are wearing a hit pink dress, try a cream colored pair of leggings to calm it down. You don't want the attention to be on the leggings, but on the dress you are wearing. Keep that in mind when you are choosing your colors.