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Guys love to drink beer in the middle of a hot summer barbecue; however there is no need to quit drinking beer when wintertime comes. There are numerous beers that are specifically crafted for wintertime drinking. These are the best beers brewed for winter drinking and you will definitely enjoy these if you truly love beer. Here are 4 winter beers you should drink when the temperature drops.

“Santa’s Private Reserve” With a name like Santa’s reserve you know this beer has to be crafted specifically for cold weather drinking. Although Santa’s Private Reserve tastes great year round, the flavors truly come out stronger when the temperature drops. This is definitely one of the 4 winter beers you should drink when the temperature drops. Santa’s Private Reserve is an American Amber style of beer. This beer has a 6% alcohol volume so you can drink it all afternoon long.

“Great Divide Yeti” There is a lot of Imperial Stout beers being crafted, but the Great Divide Yeti is one of the best Imperial Stout beers for cold weather drinking. This thick brewed beer is great for helping warm you up during the winter. If you like a lot of hops in your beer then this is a great choice because it has a lot of hops. Great Divide Yeti is a truly award-winning beer that is sought after each year by beer drinkers around the world.

“Great Divide Hibernation Ale” This winter beer has been made every year since 1995, but it is only available as a seasonal beer. This beer features very rich malty flavors. With 8.7% alcohol content it is sure to help keep you warm this winter.

“Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale” This gold medal winning beer is slightly bitter, yet it is blended so smoothly that even people who dislike a bitter beer will tend to enjoy this beer. This is a Russian Imperial Stout beer with 9.5% alcohol content. If you need a stiff manly beer for wintertime then the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is a great choice. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is one of the 4 winter beers you should drink when the temperature drops.