There are many attractions that you can see in New York and the city has so much to offer and give so much for the visitor to see and do.

 When you have added up everything that you need to spend on the attractions that you want to see it can end up costing you an awful lot of money. But there are some great things that you can see for free when you go to New York which means you can save a lot of money on your trip.

Flights to New York are so frequent these days, with people travelling to the city from all over the world. However seeing the attractions that New York has to offer can be an expensive business and you can end up spending a huge amount on tickets for the attractions that New York has to offer such as the MET or the Empire State Building.

Here are some great free attractions on offer to help with the budget of your holiday.

Central Park is the world famous park that was originally designed in the 1860s to give a boost real-estate value. It has many great free events, full of interesting statues, very interesting people and renown sites such as Strawberry Fields or ‘the Pond,’ where Holden Caulfield kept turning to in ‘The Catcher in the Rye’.

High Line was created on an abandoned stretch of elevated subway track and connects the meat packing district with the Chelsea galleries. It is now a public park that you can walk along and get wonderful views of new York including stunning views of the Hudson river not to mention the street life down below. There are also events and public installations you can see in the park.

The Staten Island ferry is the world Famous ferry which takes you from Manhattan to Staten Island across new York harbor. It is a wonderful way of seeing the New York skyline from a distance not to mention the famous statue of liberty. Many visitors choose to hop on take the trip and then go back the other way. It caries around 19 million people each and every year and is said to be the single biggest free attraction in the eastern seaboard.

The African burial ground national monument site is one of the most controversial sites in lower Manhattan after a construction project in 1991 uncovered a burial ground of more than 400 caskets of slaves, buried from a time when New York had more slaves than any other state in the USA. You can visit part of the site and the visitors centre which tells the amazing story of this site and its history.