When you come across a good quality restaurant employee you know that you gave struck gold in terms of someone who you know will help and help you and will go beyond the call of duty.

No matter what job you have in a restaurant whether you are front of house, in the kitchen, or management, if you go beyond what is expected of you then you will stand out among your peers. 

So getting familiar with the qualities of a good restaurant employee is vital if you want to succeed or even move up in your organization. These qualities include the following;

Having a great attitude 

Because a restaurant can be a stressful environment, if you have a good temperament and the ability to have a cool head in a crisis then you will stand out from the crowd. This may happen a lot when things get very busy, so if you can stay unflustered when customers are being rude, when other staff are being less than helpful then this will enable you to stand out. Also, having a good respect for management whether you agree with their decisions, following their instructions to the letter, then this will help you to get noticed as well.

Going beyond the call

If you want to stand out, then why not do beyond the call of duty and be proactive in making good suggestions, working extra hours, caring for the restaurant's appearance by clearing the restaurant bar stools and tables without encouragement from the management. Not many people are prepared to do this, and so by going beyond what is required of you, you will really impress the management. 

Being honest 

With any industry it's important that manager's can trust their staff to do their jobs and trust that they won't be dishonest in their dealings with them or their customers. For any restaurant, theft is always an issue that is being dealt with, because of everything on offer to employees from cash at the front of house to food in the kitchens. Many restaurants have serious problems with theft and spend a lot of time investigating and ultimately disciplining and firing staff who steal, so if you are an honest worker who proves themselves to be so, then this will be of great benefit to you and the restaurant you work for. It will keep you in a job and make you stand out. 

Turning up early 

Turning up late work sets a bad impression. Turning up on time makes a pleasant impression. Turning up early makes a great impression.

If you turn up to work early ready and raring to go to work then this will make you stand out. Take bathroom breaks, chat to your colleagues, sort out your clothing, and have a snack before work so that these things are all done before your shift without interrupting your work. Arriving early will give you the opportunity to settle in and prepare yourself before a busy shift without being hassled or harried.