Reflexes - ninja

Reflexes are the body's way of reacting without the need of conscious thinking. This is highly useful in a number of ways and in many different situations. But as with many other skills, our reflexes need to be maintained and trained in order to function properly.

But in today's society, we rarely get to use our reflexes. It is therefore necessary to consciously develop these reflexes if you want to see any improvement whatsoever. And whether or not you simply want good reflexes to show off to your friends or because you need them in order to kick-start your aspiring career as a ninja, this is the place to start. These are 4 great ways to train your reflexes to perfection:

#4: Picking up a martial art

This is probably the most efficient way of improving your reflexes. While training martial arts, you are forced to constantly react to your opponent's attacks and movements, thus conditioning your body and mind to more quickly react to this stimulus. And as your conscious reaction time grows shorter, so does your unconscious reaction time as well, leading to quicker reflexes.

An especially good exercise for improving reflexes is having your opponent attack you while you focus solely on blocking the attacks.


#3: Playing Video Games

Recent studies prove that gamers have much faster reflexes than the average person. Some studies have even concluded that gamers have an average of 20% faster reflexes than non-gamers. This is mainly due to the high-paced gaming world of today, where players are forced to constantly react quickly to new information. Having to continuously react to new enemies popping up, or dodging fast-moving projectiles, the gamer's reflexes are being constantly stimulated, resulting in an improvement in both reaction time and response time.

So for an efficient reflex training, you simply need to acquire a fast-paced shooting game and start playing!

#2: Playing Ball Sports

Basically, all ball sports are great ways of improving your reflexes. The whole process of keeping track of and reacting to the movements of the ball provides the necessary stimulus required to force your reflex system to improve. Especially racquet sports  help improve reflexes by forcing you to react quickly to the fast-paced balls being directed at you.

So if reflex training is your goal, you should definitely pick up a challenging sport like tennis or squash.

#1: Picking up Juggling

Juggling is a simple and fun way of improving your reflexes, as it requires constant reaction and responses to the movements of the balls. And once you become good enough to juggle four or five balls at once, the movements necessary will be far too quick to be handled by conscious impressions, and will instead be handled mainly by your subconscious reflexes, thus greatly developing your reaction and response times with a comparably low amount of effort.

So start practicing juggling a few minutes a day and you'll be seeing some amazing results in your reflexes in no time!

Of course, there are many ways to train and improve your reflexes, many of which you do daily without even realizing it. But these are some of the best ways in which you can improve your reflexes by using simple, conscious methods.