Constipation is one of the most common problems among children, youngsters and old people. Both men and women undergo the severity of constipation at some time or the other.

What is the cause of constipation? Why does a person suffer from intense bouts of constipation quite frequently? Before finding answer to these two important questions, let us learn the precise meaning of constipation.

Well, constipation has been defined as an irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels. Also, constipation can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis. Know that diverticulitis is the inflammation of a diverticulum in the digestive tract, especially the colon and is characterized by painful abdominal cramping and fever and constipation.

Now remember that the main causes of constipation are wrong diet plan and lack of adequate physical workouts. So first find out if you are not taking the right kind of food items and also not performing any exercises. Both the factors are crucial: correct diet plan and exercising for 30 minutes every day. These two factors allow you to maintain the ideal fitness level of your body.

However, when you eat stale or to spicy food, you are most likely to damage your body sooner than later. Also, if you live a sedentary or inactive life without performing physical workouts, you will not be able to maintain good physical health. All this results into a constipated condition and your stomach remains upset.

At this stage, you need to consult a doctor who can prescribe pertinent medication. But before that you can easily try out some of the common home remedies that can provide you some relief from constipation

Here are some of the common homes remedies to reduce your constipation problem:

1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Take fresh green and leafy vegetables. For example, you can consume spinach after heating it in lukewarm water so that it becomes germ-free. This is one of most effective and time-tested home remedies to increase your bowel movements and resultantly decrease the constipation.

2. Increase the intake of figs. You can do so by soaking some figs in water for 24 hours and then mixing it with oat milk. When you drink this blended milk every day, the constipation will subside gradually.

3.Consume wholegrain breads and cereals. It makes the bowel movements easier.

4.Do not forget to perform 30 minutes of physical workouts every day. You can also do yoga or do jogging for half hour daily.