Have you ever heard of Tim Ferriss and his book the 4 hour body? No? Well, you should have.

In his first book "The 4-hour Workweek" Tim showed people how he escaped the 9-5 life, and progressively reduced his work time down to 4 hours a week. Sounds crazy huh? 

Tim went one step further. Not only did he work for only 4 hours every week, he also started applying this to his body. His philosophy is the "Pareto Principle" - a principle named after an Italian mathematician who said that 80% of output is produced by only 20% of input. In Tim's life this means that 20% of the work he does produces 80% of his financial success, and the same goes for his workouts and diet.

"The 4 hour body" is all about showing people that reaching and maintaining a good-looking, healthy body is not as hard as we all think - if you do it right. Here’s where this book gets really interesting. Tim Ferriss has spent years of researching ways to improve his body with the least amount of effort, and has come up with some spectacular findings.

I should tell you though that Tim isn't a doctor. He has done most of his research by self-experimentation, talking to and working with experts. He does however use studies to back up his theories. So don't run off just yet, this man is very capable and will show you some mind-blowing tricks.

Ever wondered how you can easily lose weight without working out? Would you like to know how it is possible to only sleep 120 minutes a day and still work at your best? 

After having read this book you'll look at your body from a different perspective, this I will assure you of. People looking for losing weight or gaining some muscle tissue (or maybe both?) will definitely get what they are looking for. Although these are the two main topics of this book, seeing as most people struggle at achieving either one of the two, Tim has much more to offer than just that. This book is a body hacking bible, showing you pretty much every dirty little trick you can use to get more out of yourself.

Tim Ferris is an efficiency addict and a very rational person. You might disagree with some of the things he suggests, but be assured that this book is very well researched and will give you some advice that you will probably never hear anywhere else. In my opinion this is a definitive must read book for anybody who's interested in being healthy and good-looking!