Top 4 productive things to do on the train.

If you have ever spent a few hours on a train you have probably thought that you could be doing something productive with your time instead of just enjoying the view. Here is a list of a few things that you can do on the train to keep productive or just different ways to enjoy the ride:

Pen and paper

1. Writing
if you are an aspiring book writer then this is the perfect time to pull out your laptop or notepad and start typing away. Apart from making the trip seem much shorter it also means that when you get off you are one step closer to completing your masterpiece.
The same can be said for programmers. There are never enough hours in the day to complete that last feature for your killer iPhone app or full-blown game, so why not do it on the train?5 ball jugglingCredit:


2. Juggling
It may sound strange but the train is a great place to practice your juggling skills. You just have to keep in mind that if you drop your juggling balls that they will roll, so finding a good spot where you can stand up and the balls wont roll too far is vital. It will help you with your hand eye coordination and your balance as you try to counter the bouncing and swaying of the train while throwing and catching. as you get better you might even find that people want to pay for this entertainment which can quickly pay for your train fair (it has for me before!). You might want to already be able to juggle to try this one on the train as if you don't already know how it might be a bit difficult. Note: be mindful of the busking laws in your country as it might be illegal to ask for money without a busking license.


3. Audio books and podcasts:
If you are anything like me you will have a whole heap of podcast episodes and audio books backed up that you have meant to listen to but just havent found the time. Pull out your mp3 player, laptop, phone or other media playing device and start listening and learning something new. If you commute often then you could learn a whole new language or skill in a short time just from this one tip!

4. Do your budget:
If the train is looking pretty empty and you don't have that creepy guy with sweat pants staring at you from across the aisle, you can pull out your notebook and calculator and start pinching pennies. Working out how much money you could be saving is a great motivator for when you get into work and start earning the big dollars. Just pick a spot at the back of the train so no one can look over your shoulder and see that you spend $100 a month on glee memorabilia.

There are many other things you can do on the train to keep your mind active and to make the trip go that much faster. Please leave any other ideas you can think of in the comments below.