Lets deal with it, weddings can be super expensive. The typical expense of a wedding is above $10,000. But what if you do not have that sort of cash laying around? How can you still have a fantastic wedding without breaking the bank?

Well, there are actually simple things you can do that will dramatically reduce the wedding expenses. Here are a few.

#1 - Don't purchase A new Wedding outfit
I know, this sounds a little crazy but the truth is that you can find a used wedding gown for a lot less than a new one. Just think about it, women only wear their wedding dress once. Then it just sits inside their closet gathering dust. So instead of going to Davids Bridal, why don't you go to eBay and look for a wedding dress there?

#2 - You could make your Own Invitations
You can find all you need to create invitations at the local stationary store. Just make use of your creative side. And if you aren't creative I am sure you could find someone who is. Pay them $50 bucks to make your invitations and you are good to go.

#3 - Don't Go ALL Out For your Reception
Rather than booking the priciest reception hall, why not have the reception at a local church or at someones home? This will cut back on expenses dramatically. And if you've got people in your family who are able to throw down in the kitchen, ask them to cater for you as a wedding gift. That way you don't have to concern yourself with expensive caterers.

#4 - Have A Family Member Take Photographs
Photographs from the wedding are very important. But hiring a professional photographer can be quite expensive. So one of the ways around that is to just ask one of your family members to be in charge of photos for the wedding.

When taking these simple tips into account you can host a successful budget wedding.