Festive, fun, and fast to make, this 4th of July party hat is the perfect party favor or quick craft for a kids area at your local festival or backyard BBQ party. Even better, there's nothing to store or be stuck with later, as the materials can be re-used around the house.

Things You Will Need

* clothespins (red, white, blue)

* posterboard

* scissors

* tape or stapler

Step 1

collect supplies Collect your supplies. You will need posterboard (or similar heavy paper) for the headband of the 4th of July party hat, and scissors to cut it with. Either tape or staples will work to close it, so choose whatever you prefer. Finally, you will need clothespins in red, white, and blue. The easiest way to get these is keep an eye out at your local dollar store, and buy them all, when you see them available. In a pinch, you can also paint regular ones, but that is a lot of trouble.

Step 2

cut headband Cut a piece from the edge of the posterboard, about 2 inches wide. Depending on how long your particular piece of posterboard is, you may need several pieces and then connect them together to make one piece that is long enough to go around the person's head. Although this craft is traditionally for kids, really cool adults will want a 4th of July party hat, too.

Step 3

measure head Measure the strip of posterboard around the person's head. You might need to adjust this a couple of times, until you get the right fit -- snug, but not too tight. Once you have found the perfect fit, hold the pieces matched together with your hand, as you take it off of their head.

Step 4

tape headband Use tape or staples to fasten the ends of the headband together. Either one will work fine. If you do use staples, be sure to put the stapler on the correct side of the headband so that the smooth side of the staple ends up next to the person's head, so that the ends of the staples don't catch in their hair.

Step 5

clothespins Give the person a big pile of clothespins and let them put them on the 4th of July party hat. Some people may discover they can make patterns with the colors, and then they are practicing their math and art skills, too.

Step 6

wear crown Put on the 4th of July party hat and enjoy your day! At the end of the party, you can take the hat apart, thrown away the head band (or re-use it for another project) and reuse the clothespins on your clothesline, or for any other project, too. Array

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