Any 4x4 can be outfitted with a number of accessories to make riding and working more fun and productive. These are some of the most popular ATV accessories.

ATV Covers

Do you have a garage for your ATV? Me neither. To protect yours from the elements its best to cover your 4x4 when it’s not in use. Leaving your 4x4 exposed will no doubt result in cracks in the seats, which can lower the resale and trade in value.

Gas Carriers

Depending on how you use your ATV a gas carrier is either necessary or very convenient. I know some riders strap gas cans to their racks but I don’t feel that’s safe. There are hard steel carries made specifically to hold an extra gas tank. Even if you don’t go on long trips I encourage you to look into buying a gas carrier for your ATV, it makes gassing up less of a worry.

Nerf Bars

These bars or racks look different depending on which ATV model they are being used for. These netted devices attach near the pegs on your ATV to prevent your feet from touching the ground. These are essential for racing and are generally a good safety measure. When to purchase these nerf bars for your ATV be sure they come with heel guards. Most distributors usually sell them together or as one single unit.

The Plow

Snowplow accessories for your ATV are expensive but totally awesome. I wouldn’t recommend using the plow to try and become the Plow King but it certainly comes in handy if you’re in a region that gets substantial snows in the winter.

Trunks and Bags

When riders don’t get bags made specifically to fit their racks they often end up fetching their bags off the ground a lot. Make sure the bags or trunks you buy for your ATV are the right size. Go so far as to measure your racks. Getting the right fitting bag will save yourself some hassle in the future.


Like snowplows, winches aren’t necessary. Having a winch on your ATV always comes in handy though. You can typically find them for under $300 and installation isn’t too hard. ATV winches make jobs so much easier that you’ll never go back to riding without one.

There are many different ATV accessories to choose from. Whether you own a cheap six wheel ATV or a top of the line Polaris, there are always great accessories for your 4x4 or ATV.

4x4 with some accessoriesCredit: WyemjiCredit: Wyemji