5 Ways To Be Happy

Are you looking for ways to be happy? Then you have come to the right place. In this article you’re going to learn 5 things you can start doing today to become a much happier person. Let’s start with number one....

1. Do the things you love.
One of the most fundamental ways to be happy is to do the things you love. When you do the things you love, you automatically become happy. So what do you really love and enjoy doing? Is it to walk in nature, paint, write or cook? Whatever it might be, start to do it more.

But what if I work at a job I hate?” First of all, do you really think it’s healthy to do things you really hate doing, all day long? If you are working with something you really hate, start looking for other jobs. Or why not start a part time business based on your passion?

2. Spend time with happy people.

“You become like the five people you spend the most time with.”

If you spend most of your time with people who always criticize, condemn and complain, there is a good chance that you do it to. But if you spend time with people who look on the bright side of life, laugh a lot and are generally happy, you become happy to. Which of your friends do you see as most happy? And which are always criticising and complaining? Consciously start to spend more time with those who make you happy and less time with those who bring you down.

3. Make someone else happy.
One of the best ways to be happy is to make other people happy. There is something special about that. When you know that you are the one who made them happy, and you can both see it and feel it, you can’t help but to become happy yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything big that you do, just a small gesture, a thank you, a smile to a stranger or a love-you message to your spouse. You can’t know for sure how they will react but you know that you made a difference in their day, and that feels good doesn’t it? So what can you do today to make someone else happy?

4. Watch comedies.
Instead of watching constant negative news on the TV, that will do you go good, watch something that will actually make you happy. Comedy movies and shows can put you in an instant feeling of joy, laughter and good feelings without you having to do anything at all, just watch. It’s really easy to find good comedies nowadays because of the top-lists on the Internet.  created by others. Find one, get the movie, watch it and feel good! A few movies that tend to show up in the top-comedy-lists are The Naked Gun, Young Frankenstein and Animal House.

5. Write a list with things you are happy about.
Believe it or not, but there are thousands of things you can be happy about right now. Give yourself time to reflect on the positive aspects of your life and ask yourself the question; What am I happy about in my life right now? Make a list and write down everything that comes to mind. You probably have friends and family that care about you, you are alive(!) and just by being able to read this article should give you so many other things to be happy about. You can see, you can read, you can watch comedies, you can see other people, sunrises, sunsets, nature and the list goes on and on.

Remember that your live is short and your time is limited. So spend yours being happy by doing the things you love and enjoy doing. You are the only person who has the power and choice to so.