You're most likely reading this because you're just able to make ends meet, pay the bills, keep a roof over your head and feed yourself and/or family. With the way the current economy is going, it's tough to tell what the future may bring. That's a scary thought as such a great emphasis was placed upon retirement, and having enough money to do so comfortably. Saving money these days is extremely difficuly for many families, as there are rising food and gas prices as well as unemployment issues. Finding the best ways to save money is extremely important so that you can eventually buy that special item you want, take that fun vacation, buy that new car, or send your kids to college. Whatever your motives may be, you know that you want to save as much possible without suffering too much in the process.

There is one woman who was able to come up with numerous ways to save money so that she could pay down debt while still taking care of her family. She was living on a $12,000 a year salary, but devoted $7,000 of that to paying down her massive debt. That left just $5,000 for her to feed, clothe and care for herself and two children. You can imagine how difficult that would be with all the bills we pay these days, between internet, cable, phones, and electricity, not to mention how much we spend on grocery shopping or entertainment! This particular woman decided enough was enough and she wanted to cut costs as best she could. She originally wanted to keep all of her strategies secret, but decided she would rather help others in need by teaching them the best ways to save money.

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