The list will include a total of 50 sites, both adsense and non-adsense revenue sharing. All these sites have their own monetary incentive programs and offer different ways of making money.

But before I continue with my list, I would like to recommend you to consider the follwoing important points before joining any site:

- What type of payment a site is offering? For instance, some site offer revenue sharing, upfront and residual payment.

- What type of content they are looking for? Is it a how-to-article site or get paid to review site?

- What are their terms and conditions?

- The pagerank and number of visitors a site gets.

- The layout of the site. Is it a user fiendly site? I found some sites are difficult to navigate.

- What are the requirements for a writer? Some sites hire professional writers while some are open for everyone.

Article writing websites

- Hubpages (adsense revenue sharing).

- Squidoo.

- Yahoo Contributor Network.

- Helium.

- Allvoices.

- Environmentalgraffiti.

- Wikinut.

- Infobarrel.(Adsense revenue sharing).

- Bukisa (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Xomba (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Trendhunter (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Yousaytoo (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Wonderhowto (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Ongobee (revenue sharing).

Bookmarking and social networking

Here are some websites that give opportunity to spread your knowledge and articles through networking and bookmarking.

- Shetoldme (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Seekyt (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Karmalynx (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Flixya (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Xomba. Here users can create links to their sites, blogs and articles.( also revenue sharing).

- Earnersclub: Ideal for SEO related topics. (Adsense revenue sharing).

Get paid to participate in forums

This is another way to make money by participating in forums and get paid to interact with other uers. Though they don't pay you much but it can be a good source of traffic.

- Mylot.

- Crazoo.

- Earningpalace.

- Paidgamers.

- Wiredflame.

Get paid to review

Here are some websites where you can write reviews about movies, books, products etc.

- Rateitall (Adsense revenue sharing).

- Reviewstream.

- Shared Reviews.

- Carrotreviews.


- Softwarejudge.

- Usertesting.


Get paid to blog

Various types of opportunities are available in this category for bloggers.

- Blogger.(Adsense revenue sharing).

- Bloggerparty.(Adsense sharing).

- Wisebread.

- Bloggingads - They offer bloggers to post one-time ads on their blogs for money.

- Blogdistributor for bloggers who love to write opinions about products and services.

- Bloggertiser is a place for writing articles or posting links about products, services and websites.

- Loudlaunch.

- Socialspark.

- Sponzai.


Here you some sites for miscellaneous activities:

- Share your favourite games and get share from adsense.

- Meview: Upload your favourite videos.

- Pickjack: Make money for writing and answering questions.

- Discuss your favourite games.

- Newsvine: Share news and earn money.

- Share videos to earn money from adsense.

- Share Youtube videos through on Facebook.

- Shareapic.