There are plenty of creative and unique stocking stuffer ideas that you can use for the holidays. No matter who you are buying for, there's sure to be something you can get that will brighten their day. For some, creative ideas are best. Others still like the classics. Either way, there are plenty stocking stuffer ideas to choose from.

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1.Candy: After all, who doesn't like chocolate? It's one of the more classic stocking stuffer ideas out there. Suckers, chocolate figures, candy bars, there are tons of options.

2.Lottery tickets: Who says the stocking stuffer ideas have to be traditional? For the gambler in your life, lottery tickets may be just right.

3.Fruit: Those living a more healthy lifestyle will appreciate this one.

4.Mittens or hats: If you live in a cold climate, you need these anyway.

5.Tire pressure gauge. It comes in handy for the man or woman in your life.

6.Ornaments: They can go on the tree year after year, making it one of the longer lasting stocking stuffer ideas.

7.Kitchen gadgets: Spatulas, measuring spoons or cups and utensils all come in handy.

8.Batteries: Many of the toys you buy your loved one will need them.

9.Gift cards: This allows the receiver to get whatever they want, making it one of the more useful stocking stuffer ideas.

10.Free food cards: A coupon for a free burger at the fast food restaurant in town sounds like one of the most delicious stocking stuffer ideas.

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11.Toy cars: All boys like these. Some girls and full grown adults collect them as well.

12.Pencils or pens: You can never find one when you need it.

13.Mouse pad: We all use them, why not give one for the holidays?

14.Exercise weights: The fitness guru in your family will like the five pound weights for exercising.

15.Slippers: Nothing feels as nice as a warm, cozy pair of slipper at night.

16.Snow globes: It's the holidays, it only makes sense. One of the best stocking stuffer ideas.

17.Photographs: Use them to remember a special occasion. Sharing a memory is fun.

18.Mugs: Choose from classic styles or gag types of coffee mugs. Use your imagination.

19.Tools: There are plenty of hand or power tools that come in handy around the house.

20.Homemade certificates: Free babysitting, backrubs, just about anything you can think of.

21.Bird feeder: View nature year round with these stocking stuffer ideas.

22.Calling cards: This way, they won't have an excuse not to call.

23.Magnet: We all have plenty of things hanging on our fridge.

24.Disposable camera: There are times that a small disposable camera is just more handy.

25.Sidewalk chalk: It's good, cheap fun for kids. They'll love it.

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26.Game cards: Regular playing cards or another type of fun card playing game will work.

27.Puzzles: Works for kids and adults, making it one of the more versatile stocking stuffer ideas.

28.Calculator: Handy at school and around the house.

29.Hand towels: Among the better stocking stuffer ideas for adults.

30.Kites: They make a really windy day lots of fun. Kites are great stocking stuffer ideas.

31.Homemade jelly: Put a jar in, they'll love it. One of the more useful stocking stuffer ideas.

32.Banks: Makes saving money fun for kids. Teaches them to save their pennies.

33.Address book: We could all stand to be a little more organized, couldn't we?

34.Flashlights: You never know when the power will go out.

35.Alarm clock: They have no reason to oversleep.

36.Movies: Some DVD's can be found for under five bucks.

37.Skin care products: Lotions are among the most useful stocking stuffer ideas.

38.Money: I love cash, and you do to. It's one of the more practical stocking stuffer ideas.

39.Books: Reading not only sharpens the mind, it passes the time when it's nasty outside.

40.Toothbrushes: Toothpaste and a toothbrush should be used often anyway.

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41.Bouncy balls: Young kids just cannot get enough.

42.Whistles: They will drive the adults crazy, but the kids will have a good time.

43.Hand held games: You don't have to spend a lot on these, some are around five bucks.

44.Crayons: Just make sure they don't color on the walls.

45.Smelly stuff: If it smells good in the house, chances are, it's a winner.

46.Action figures/dolls: They are small and fit just right. They're great stocking stuffer ideas.

47.Butane lighters: The work great for making a fire or starting the grill.

48.Swimming stuff: Makes them yearn for summer!

49.Hair care products: Keep the little girl in your life looking pretty.

50.Trading cards: Pokemon, baseball, Magic and a whole slew of others.


Places to go:

There are plenty of places to go to get great stocking stuffer ideas. You're not just limited to the normal stores. Here are just a few of the places to go when you're trying to come up with other stocking stuffer ideas.

1.Dollar stores: These are great places to come up with interesting stocking stuffer ideas. Best of all, you know exactly how much each item costs.

2.Novelty stores: Some of the best stocking stuffer ideas can be found at a local party or novelty store. Many have a selection that cannot be beat.

3.Christmas aisles: If you're at the big department stores, go through their Christmas aisles. You are sure to find plenty of stocking stuffer ideas just by perusing the store.


There really are a lot of cool stocking stuffer ideas out there. With just a little imagination, you're sure to come up some items to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Be sure to keep size and cost in mind when you consider stocking stuffer ideas, so you can fit the items in, and afford them. Christmas is a magical time, especially for kids. Brighten their holiday season with some great stocking stuffer ideas. They'll love them!

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