Love LettersThis list of romantic ideas is a continuation of 50 Ways to be Romantic and Show That Special Someone That You Love Them #1-50. The two lists combined offer 100 ways to be romantic and show that someone special that you love them. These romantic tips are aimed at creating fun, playful experiences and cute romantic idea's to remind your someone special just how much they mean to you. In addition, these romantic ideas will hopefully help you explore or re-create the element of romance that is needed to keep your relationship exciting and full of love.

51) Plan a camping trip. A real life, sleep in a tent, rough it for a few days, camping trip. Sleeping under the stars in the wilderness or at the beach is a wonderful way to be romantic!

52) Do something you normally wouldn't do. Watch the shows he likes to watch, go shopping with her, etc..

Kiss53) Send them a card in the mail. This is an unexpected romantic idea that is a really cute, nice surprise!

54) Call from work just to tell them you love them, a very simple, yet meaningful, romantic idea!

55) Always be nice but once in a while be "naughty"!

56) Kiss them when they least expect it. The best kiss is the one we don't see coming!

57) Have some competitive fun.You could race each other to the car, play cards, anything with a little competition. This romantic idea can be quite flirty and fun both which are great for relationships.

58) Wrestle each other. Play fighting is another flirty and fun romantic idea. Not to mention another reason to roll around together!

59) Find the tallest point in your town or nearest city that you can get to by car or foot. One night surprise them by taking them there to see the city lights!

60) Get some information on your nearest airport. Try to find out if there's a good spot you can park and watch the planes fly in. Some airports have great spots where the airplanes fly right above you just before landing. This is really fun and a surprisingly romantic idea!

Coffee Cup61) Serve them breakfast in bed.

62) An even better and more unique, romantic idea: serve them dinner in bed!

63) Speak highly of them not only when they are not around but also right in front of them. This is great way to be romantic that don't necessarily require a direct action.

64) Take them to an amusement park. Spend the day riding roller coasters, playing games, and eating hot dogs! A day full of adrenalin is a great, fun way to be romantic.

65) Give them the last bite!

66) Throw down some pillows and cuddle in front of a fire. If it's summer, turn up the air and then turn on the fireplace. Yes, this romantic idea may cause the electricity bill to be a bit higher, but it is a great way to be romantic and will be well worth it!

67) Look them in the eyes when they are talking to you. It let's them know you care about what they have to say.

68) Name a star after them. Check out for further information on this unique way to be romantic.

Carriage Ride69) Check to see if your nearest city offers carriage rides downtown. This is an exciting way to be romantic, spend some time together, view the city, and cuddle up!

70) Go horse back riding together. If you don't know how to ride, another romantic idea would be to take lessons together; both are fun, great ideas.

71) Splurge on dinner at 5 star restaurant you've never eaten at but always wanted to.

72) Leave their favorite box of chocolates on their pillow.

73) Take them to the theatre to see a symphony, orchestra, ballet, etc.. Very romantic idea!

74) Make a love sign out of a huge cardboard box, decorate it really cute and hang it on your front door for them to see when they get home.

75) Plan a night to watch a love movie. "The Notebook" and "Titanic" are a few great romantic ideas. If love movie's aren't your thing you could watch another movie that means something to both of you, maybe the first movie you saw together, or a common favorite.

76) Write your love story and have in printed and bound in a book to present to your loved one. has prices starting from $10.00 and you can create and design your own personal book, using their templates and your pictures it's a really cute, romantic idea.

Red Satin Sheets77) Set your alarm an hour or so early one morning and wake them up with a nice surprise!

78)Find out the nearest place you could go for a gondola ride. Most offer the option of purchasing a message in a bottle beforehand where you tell them what you want the note to say. During the ride the gondola passes the bottle, you point it out, your partner picks it up, and inside is a little love note from you, very cute and romantic idea!

79) Send your loved one a flirty text while you know their in an important meeting or out with their friends. That's a smile anyone would be curious about!!!!

80) Clean the house together but do it with a twist, this is an interesting way to be romantic if you put some fun into it. I don't know, maybe, um, clean with just an apron on! Don't know how much cleaning will get done but it's worth a try!

81) Make them laugh! Laughing together is a fun way to be romantic that is not so serious and typically tends to bring couples closer together.

82) Take your loved one to the drive in movies. Yes, they still exist!

83) Fill up their gas tank for them without them knowing. Thoughtful ideas and little acts of kindness are a wonderful way to be romantic and are always a great surprise.

Beach84) Carve your initials in a tree, in the sand, or in the snow!

85)Make a list of things you want to do together as a couple. Similar to a goal list, only anything goes, there are no limits. It could contain simple things that could be done next week like "clean out the garage" or things you dream of like "take a vacation to Paris". Check off the stuff you've accomplished as you go and add to the list whenever you want. It will be really fun to look back at what you've done and accomplished and also to see how your desires may change with time.

86) Give them 1 gift a day for a whole week or even a whole month. Just because, isn't that a great reason! It doesn't have to be expensive just something thoughtful, a simple way to be romantic on a daily basis.

87) On your anniversary buy them a really nice watch. Attach a note that says "As time goes by I love you even more then yesterday and all the days before".

88) Point out the unique things that you love about them. The way their face crinkles up cute when their thinking, or the way they act when their embarrassed, etc..

89) Paint a room together! Painting may not sound like a romantic idea but paint fights usually turn out to be loads of fun!

Romantic Cabin90) Stay in a cabin during the winter just after it has snowed!

41) Take them ice skating or roller skating. How much fun to fall and laugh and just be together.

42) Hang mistletoe all over the house in the middle of July! If you can't find it, make it. Simply take a few leaves and some berries and tie them together at the stems with a clear rubber band. Tie a red ribbon over the rubber band and hang it upside down from the ceiling.

43) Draw or paint a portrait of them on canvas or a large piece of drawing paper. Have them lye still in whatever pose you'd like and do your best rendition. The picture itself may turn out horrible but this romantic idea is sure to create a good laugh.

44) Rent a limo, get dressed up and drive around town just for fun!

45) Make reservations to attend a mystery dinner. Something new, exciting, and a little mysterious is always a fun way to be romantic.

46) Instead of staying at a hotel on a weekend getaway try staying at a bed and breakfast. They tend to be a more romantic and cozy idea!

47) Make cute little love coupons. Write on them what they are redeemable for. A few romantic ideas: "Good for one free backrub", "Good for one date night", etc..

Flower Heart48) Pack up lot's of Hershey kisses in their purse, briefcase, etc.. with a note that says
"Here are some kisses for while your away, I'll miss you and hope that you have a great day".

49) Hug them as often as you can! Physically expressing your love is always one of the best ways to be romantic!

50) "I love you" is something you could never say enough. Try to tell them at least 3x a day for the rest of your lives!

Any of these romantic ideas are sure to create magical moments and new experiences while strengthening your relationship, your feelings, and your love. If you missed the other half of this article featuring the first 50 romantic ideas you can check it out here.