50 Plus Tips to Save More Money while Shopping or Travelling or Working or in Your house

Here are some known and some unknown tips to save your hard earned money. This will make sense that a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

1. Saving while Travelling

  1. Search rooms online to find find competitive hotel rates
  2. Browse the web compare prices, find the best discounts
  3. Travel during the low season
  4. Book early
  5. Fly during the week
  6. Flying a stand-by.
  7. Consider a stopover
  8. Stay at a hotel for cheap
  9. Find about meals and promotions
  10. Look for company discounts
  11. Stay in a hostel
  12. Rent an apartment
  13. Enjoy cheap public transit
  14. Map out your itinerary
  15. Rent a vehicle

2. Saving while you are at Home

  1. Reduce the home temperature 2-3 degree when sleeping or not home
  2. Any freezer item should be make cool in freeze not outside
  3. Reduce daily shower to 10 minutes from 15 minutes
  4. Cut your lawn yourself instead of hiring a lawn service
  5. Make you own Ice Teas
  6. Use compact fluorescent bulbs in your lamps and light fixtures instead of the old incandescent type
  7. Plan your meals in two weeks in advance.
  8. Refrigerate apples. They soften ten times faster at room temperature
  9. Polish your nails at home instead of getting a weekly manicure
  10. Cut your hairs from salon training centers.
  11. Don't throw out those ripe bananas. Simply peel and freeze them. Use them later in baking or for delicious fruit smoothies.
  12. Tiny vents in bags, such as Ziploc Vegetable Bags, keep produce fresh longer by releasing just the right amount of moisture. These bags are also great for fruits such as grapes, blueberries, cherries or strawberries
  13. Use timer for Christmas lights or when you are not home.
  14. Use exhaust fans to reduce heat in the kitchen
  15. Close doors and windows don't let the warm air in and the cold air out
  16. Turn your lights off when not needed
  17. Use your dishwasher overnight instead of during peak hours
  18. Reduce your home's Electric Water heater setting to 110 degrees from 140 degrees.
  19. Draught proofing to windows and doors helps save on the heating bills as well.
  20. Switch off the fridge at night and in cold season.
  21. Install a on- demand water heating system.
  22. Always pull out the plug of any non using appliances.

3. Saving While you are Shopping

  1. Shop without the kids
  2. Buy sale Items with coupons
  3. Buy ground beef in bulk, make your own meatloaf
  4. Do not shop grocery when you are Hungary
  5. Don't buy non-grocery items at the grocery store.
  6. Use your credit card with air miles on grocery item on sale
  7. Use coupon on sales item more saving
  8. Watch the scanner some times they charge wrong price.
  9. Buy 2-lts. Soft drinks instead of pop cans
  10. Buy only the minimum amount you need
  11. Compare unit costs, not list prices.
  12. Look high and low for deals, literally
  13. Store brands offer a cheaper alternative
  14. Look for manager's specials
  15. Look for reduced price places in store
  16. Forget brand loyalty
  17. Sign up for customer loyalty programs e.g. air miles, aeroplan
  18. Use coupons whenever you can.
  19. Bring a calculator
  20. Never shop hungry
  21. Make a grocery list - and don't leave home without it
  22. Prepare your own lunch rather than buy
  23. Save Money with Seasonal Shopping (sales on all holiday or festival items)
  24. Buy the chicken leg quarters and then cut them at home.

4.Saving while You are at Work

  1. Brew your own cup of coffee
  2. Keeps your own tea making stuff at work (tea bags, sugar etc?)
  3. Carpool or work from home one day a week instead of driving
  4. Bring your own cooked lunch.
  5. Bring your own drinking water
  6. Use water cooler at work instead of buying bottled water
  7. Cycling/walking/bus to work once per week
  8. Work from home