Finding new ways to be romantic and show that someone special that you love them can be very difficult if you are all out of romantic ideas. Many simply just dont know how to be romantic even though they want to be. Romance is one of the most exciting parts of falling in love! When the one you care about does or says something sincere, special, and romantic it has the power to change your entire day. The feeling that is created by the smallest act of kindness or simplest touch can overfill your heart and leave you breathless. Romance is about the little moments, the moments that add up to a great love story! Romantic ideas open the door to heartfelt experiences which help create an intimate bond between two people and allow a strong connection to form.Finding ways to be romantic will really show that someone special just how much you love them.

Creating romance is an important part of an intimate relationship at any stage. Whether you have been dating for only a few months or married for many years, finding ways to be romantic can help to keep your love alive and growing. For new relationships romance is the starting point for something new and exciting and for older relationships those romantic ideas are a reminder of why you fell in love all those years ago!

Sadly, you may have found that your romantic ideas have faded over time. It is often forgotten that romance is one of the greatest foundations that love was created on. You get busy with life, comfortable with each other and forget all about the importance of expressing and showing your feelings by finding ways to be romantic thus letting that someone special know that you do still love them. Maybe you are always on the go, a little stressed with life and responsibilities, maybe you are just out of romantic ideas, dont really know how to be romantic, or simply just feel that you have outgrown this part of your relationship but the truth is you never outgrow the need for romance in your life.

Love is one of the greatest gifts, and creating lasting love takes effort. This means setting aside time for the one you love and investing in something you truly believe in- each other! It is so extremely important to find ways to be romantic and take the time to remind that special person in your life just how much they mean to you. Listed below are 50 ways to be romantic and tell that special someone just how much you love them.

1) Love notes, love notes, love notes! Leave them anywhere and everywhere! Unexpected places are the best: in a book their reading, in their briefcase, on the steering wheel of their car, in their make-up bag. Little notes that say you love them are small, romantic ideas that create big results!

Rose2) Leave a single rose somewhere they can find it and know it's for them, next to the pot of coffee in the morning, on the computer keyboard, in the bathroom drawer where she gets her make-up, inside his briefcase, etc..

3) Send an e-card. If your loved one spends a great deal of time on the computer you could send them an e-card. There are a lot of cute, free, easy to use sites that allow you to create a custom card and send it via e-mail. Most are animated and play music, really sweet! is a great site for this. These sites make it very easy to be romantic.

4) Write your feelings on the mirror where they get ready in the morning. Use an expo marker or lipstick, expo markers are easier to clean up! Love quotes work great for this or a simple "I love you" will do fine!

Weekend getaway!5) Plan a romantic weekend getaway for just the two of you!

6) Take them back to the place where you first met, or the place where you were married.

7) Always remember your anniversary. Whether it be a month of dating or 18 years of marriage, important dates such as these deserve celebration and acknowledgement. Remind them that you haven't forgotten.

8) A unique romantic idea is to make them a love CD and decorate the cover with pictures of the two of you. They even have online CD label creators which are really cute but you could do it yourself and it would be just as meaningful, if not more!

9) Send them flowers signed "The one who loves you more than anything".

10) Make them their favorite dinner.Love Shapes

11) Bake them their favorite dessert.

12) Make or bake food items that are heart shaped: heart shaped cookies, pancakes, apples, etc...

13) Dedicate a song to them on the radio, call them right before and say something like "I really want you to hear what their talking about on this station right now, turn it to ...."�

14) Spend the evening cuddled up on the couch watching old movies and munching on your favorite treats. These small, simple moments often end up being the most romantic.

15) Cut hearts, X's and O's out of different colored construction paper, write little notes and "I love you" on all of them and hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire. Tape one end of the fishing wire to the ceiling and tape the other end to your cut-outs. Fill the room as much as possible with the cut-outs hanging at different lengths. You could even scatter more on the floor and tape some to the walls so they are just everywhere. This is a great way to be romantic. What a surprise when they walk into this room overflowing with your little expressions of how much you love them!

16) Compliment them every chance you get!

17) Watching the sun set together is a great way to be romantic.

18) Grab a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise together.

19) Do something spontaneous! Book a romantic trip, take a drive out of town, adopt a pet, rent a Harley! Don't be afraid to live life to its fullest, it will make your relationship exciting and your life fulfilling!

20) Hold hands!

21) Flirt!

22) Plan a romantic picnic in the park, pack up your picnic basket and grab a blanket. Spend the afternoon enjoying eat others company. Maybe bring a book and read to each other!

Romantic Gift23) Buy a sexy little nighty and wrap it up. Guy's if you want to do this make sure you purchase the right size, wrap it up in a simple white box with a big red bow and leave it on the bed. Girls you can buy this for yourself, wrap it up the same way and leave it for him to open, he'll be quite surprised when he opens it but even more surprised when you slip it out of his hands and onto your body!Very romantic idea!!

24) Leave a list next to the grocery list titled "The reasons I love you" fill it in and leave it for them to find!

25) Make something together a scrapbook, a cake, a baby!!!!

26) Defend their honor. We can be romantic in many different ways and this is one of them. It really shows how much you care about them when you stand up for them! Whether it be against a disapproving mother, or a buddy saying your partner isn't great for whatever reason, or even your children upset with a decision made by your partner, stand up for your loved one and let it be known that you are a team.

27) Playing sports together can be really romantic. Go to the park and play baseball or basketball, you could even join a couples sports team.

28) Taking dance lessons together is another unique romantic idea. Salsa, ballroom, something exciting and fun!

29) Make them a photo album tracking your journey as a couple.

33) Purchase a "fill-in the blanks" couples book . You can find these at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders. They have titles like "A book about us" and it allows you to journal the highlights of your relationship, write about how you came to be a couple, describe romantic experiences, etc..

34) Personalized items are great romantic gifts. They make blankets now that actually have an enlarged photo that you submit as the fabric, is one place to find these, you may also be able to order them at your local Hallmark. You could find a really cute picture of the two of you, submit it to a company that specializes in this, and have it turned into a blanket, really great idea!

35) Speaking of personal, why not personalize your undies. Yes, your undies! Finding ways to be romantic does not always have to be serious.This is a great way to be romantic and is actually really cute. You could have them say "I heart Kyle" or "Mike's Girl" across the butt. There are a lot of online sites for this. and are a few you could check out.Fun little unexpected surprise; great romantic idea!

36) Cut out an article from a magazine or newspaper that you think they would like. Set it by their keys or somewhere you know they will find it lying out for them.

Love Poem37) Write them a romantic poem! Translate it into a different language for added romance. Various programs on the internet will do this for free.

38) Make them a picture DVD on your computer. Use pictures of the two of you from the time you met until now. An even more romantic idea: add your favorite songs to it. Most computers have software that will help you to make this. You will then burn it onto a DVD or you can play it for them right from the computer.

39) Play a game of hang man and have the statement be an invitation for a romantic date!

40) Go out to an early, romantic breakfast together before work.

41) Give them a massage. Back massage, foot massage, full body massage. Really go all out and set up lotions, light candles, play their favorite music, make it really fun and romantic!

42) Play footsies under the table!

43) Keep some things just for the two of you. Let there be little secrets that are just between you two. Things no one else gets. It could be jokes, pet names, moments, something you dont talk to other people about. There is something quite powerful and romantic about keeping special things special.

44) Set up a romantic bubble bath, surrounded by candles, and filled with rose petals. This romanic idea is a classic, never fails!

45) Use each others bodies as a canvas, this is an extremely fun and creative romantic idea! Henna tattoo kits are great for this, they are really fun and inexpensive too. Or good old body paint will do just fine!

46) Set up two lounge chairs outside (or a hammock). Late at night sneak outside with your partner and a blanket to have a romantic evening watching the stars.

47) Dance in the rain.

48) Dance under the moonlight.

49) Write "I love you" on the steam of the shower door while their showering, or in the mirror of the bathroom if it has enough steam for them to see when they get out!

50) Speaking of showers why not jump in with them!

There you have it 50 ways to be romantic! Some of these romantic ideas may not be your style and that's fine just pick the romantic ideas that caught your eye and keep them in mind for the next time you're looking for ways to be romantic and show that special someone just how much you love them. Pretty soon you'll be coming up with your own great romantic idea's to create meaningful moments in your relationship, after a while it becomes natural. Hopefully these simple, little acts and romantic ideas will end up creating many memorable, moments and strengthening the love that you have for each other.

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