50+ Jobs For Students In College

Students in college are in desperate need of cash. Finding a part-time or full-time job can be tricky, especially if you don't know where to look. This article will give a comprehensive look at jobs for students. Here are 59 great jobs for students in college:

  1. Computer Lab Assistant (on-campus) - search for opportunities from your teachers to assist in the computer lab
  2. Computer Support Specialist - if you know your computers, this a computer techie is a well-paying job.
  3. Administrative / Personal Assistant - there is a high-demand for assistents
  4. Aerobic Instructor / Fitness Trainer - if you're active and healthy, share your knowledge and experience with others.
  5. College Mail / Print Center Attendant (on-campus) - universities require students to assist with printing and sorting mail
  6. Library Assistant (on- or off-campus) - university will prioritize jobs for students
  7. Bank Teller - great hours!
  8. Desk Attendant (on-campus) - if you're OK with working night hours, this is a great job that allows you to study too.
  9. Hotel Desk Clerk - among other things, meet travelers from around the world
  10. Babysitter - this is a great job to fall back on. With experience, the money can be great.
  11. Paper Route - get some exercise and sunshine!
  12. Freelance Writing - infobarrel is great, but also try eLance
  13. Freelance Artist - again, try elance.com
  14. Web Design - put your web design skills to use
  15. Car Washing - good starter job
  16. Personal Shopper - If you don't mind waiting in tills, here's a great job for you.
  17. Dog Walking - if you love dogs and walks, this is your perfect part-time job
  18. Lawn Care/Service - got a green thumb?
  19. Fix bicycles - work at a bike repair shop
  20. Fix Vehicles - be a mechanic
  21. Movie Theatre - you get free movies too! Only work here if you don't mind working late
  22. Painting - sell your works online or at gallaries
  23. Waitress - excellent tip money
  24. Delivery Driver - OK tips
  25. Cashier
  26. Restaurant Jobs - cook, dishwasher
  27. Retail Jobs - are you into fashion and good with people?
  28. Customer Service Jobs - if you're patient enough
  29. Buy and Sell used things online - use websites such as eBay
  30. Modeling - if you are good looking and interested in fashion
  31. Roof Repair - tough work, but you're guaranteed a tan
  32. Internship - great experience for future career
  33. Volunteer - no money, but will improve your resume and future job prospects
  34. Make and sell crafts - sell them online or at craft shows
  35. Work under professors - excellent experience
  36. City Summer Program - for example, be a playground supervisor
  37. Camp Counseller - not the best money, but definitely fun
  38. State/Provincal Park - if you love nature and the environment
  39. Housesitter - great job where you basically get paid to do whatever you want
  40. Lifeguard - if you have the qualifications, an excellent student job
  41. Church - your church may need extra help around the Church office
  42. Window Cleaning - great starter job. Just need to purchase cleaning supplies
  43. Arcade - lots of fun
  44. Second-hand store
  45. Cleaning Service
  46. Animal Shelter - sometimes they require extra help to clean, wash and care for the animals
  47. Tutor - if you're good at a particular subject, teach it to others
  48. Farm work - if you don't mind the heat and being outside of the city
  49. Fast food outlet - your last resort
  50. Concrete/Masonry Work - tough, tiring work
  51. Security Company - if you're buff and strong, your chances of being hired are good
  52. Depending on where you live, you may be paid to donate blood. This is a good way to not only earn some cash, but to save a life.
  53. Participate in a university study. Considering the minimal time required, these studies pay quite well.
  54. Offer resume writing services

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What are some other student jobs? Have you ever had any of these jobs? Did you like it?