You are going to learn 50 professional blogging tips that will help you to build your blogging business like never before. So let's just get into it.

 #1. Choose the topic which you love.

#2. The topic should have respected market (audience).

#3. You should have expertise in the topic.

#4. Don't choose the topic which you are not passionate about.

#5. Don't try to cover too many things under one blog.

#6. If you love social media then choose one platform. You can choose Facebook or twitter or anything else but choose one.

#7. Don't choose the topic which already has a big market (audience).

#8. If you love any topic which is already taken by big brands then break it down into subtopics. For example if your lovable topic is fashion the break it down in

 to clothes, shoes, accessories etc.

#9. Buy the domain as soon as possible. It shows professionalism. 

#10. Don't make your blog on because they don't allow you to monetize the content.

#11. Instead of wordpress you can make your blog on Blogger is good because it is a product by Google.  

#12. The best will be self-hosted blog software (CMS).

#13. One of the biggest wrong topics in the world is choosing "making money online" topic. Don't choose this topic because there are already millions of blogs on this topic including spammers and professionals.

#14. Write the long-term useful content which can be helpful even after 4 or 5 years.

blog tipsCredit: empower network

#15. Types of posts which will give you traffic or visitors are how to posts, descriptions psots, explanation posts, technical term articles, list articles like this one.

#16. Always have a big RSS icon on the right hand side in the top corner of the blog.

#17. Every week or after 15 days, write the flagship content, pillar content. It includes the series of tutorials. Flagship content name is given by the Chris Garrett and pillar content is given by the Yaro Starak. 

#18. Publish daily if you can create the quality content. 

#19. DON't copy the content of your fellow bloggers. Create your content in your own unique style. You can take the ideas.

#20. Follow the steps of successful bloggers of your industry.

#21. Always give the credit of photo or video to the owner if you use any.  

#22. Divide your post into many paragraphs. Each paragraph should have only 3 or  4 lines. It will keep your readers on the post.

#23. Use only 10 to 12 categories/labels/tags for your blog.

#24. Give only one label/category to one post. If you give too many labels to one post then the post will be shown in every category and that can make your visitor sick and he will leave your blog immediately.

#25. Always use paper notebook to note down the important things.

#26. Respond to every comment.

#27. Don't delete the comment if the comment is against your opinion.

#28. Content is king.

#29. Share your content on main social networks - Facebook, twitter, Google+.

#30. Read your post two times. First before publishing and then again after publishing.

#31. Comment on blog's of your industry.

#32. Don't show RSS readers/subscribers until they reach a minimum of 500.

#33. Make fan pages on Facebook and Google +.

#34. Always use the word "we" in your posts if your blog has more than one author.

#35. Don't show unwanted things which are nothing to do with your readers like calendar, page views counter.

#36. Read,,,,, for professional help in blogging.

#37. Make a well written “About” and “Contact” page after at least 5 posts for your blog.

#38. Write controversial articles but not banned material.

#39. Send the emails to your favourite bloggers after every 15 days. It is helpful in building relationship.

#40. DON'T sign up for any advertisement programme till 7 to 8 months.

#41. Write at least 250 high quality articles for 6 to 8 months. After that you can sign up for monetization programmes.

#42. Don't show too many ads on the blog instantly after getting approval from advertisement programmes.

#43. Show one ad at any part of your blog after six months. Increase your advertisements after 6 months interval.

#44. Only showing ads will not give you any penny. You will earn when you will have traffic. And traffic comes from quality content.

#45. Publish articles at a fixed time. Doesn't matter when? Don't publish instantly after their completion. Set the fixed time for them to come online.

#46. Apply for direct advertising networks after at least one year. You should have at least 1000 unique before applying for programmes like, or  

#47. Make an account for payments on PayPal.

#48. Read books of successful people in your niche. Those will inspire you to produce more and more content.

#49. If you have a tutorial blog provide your readers a "start here" page so that they don't get confused if they come to your site first time.

#50. And finally blogging is all about patience. Have patience you will definitely get success in it.