You can now find a 50cc 2 stroke Yamaha clone engine, Minarelli JOG, on the market, just like you can find Honda knockoff motors.  Prevalent in scooters for now, they are sure to hit the Chinese ATV market in the coming months and years, in order to target those that are loyal to the old Yamaha brand, but simply don’t have the money to afford one for purchase.  Is this the next coming of the Chinese quads?  Maybe, but right now, it’s too early to tell.  Plenty of manufacturer’s have seen their patents expire, making the way for the copycats to swoop in and make replicas.  Now, the Yamaha clone engine is a reality.


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Where Can I Buy Them?

Right here, right now, your best bet is going to be to buy them on sites like eBay.  You’ll find they aren’t readily available for purchase, but you can find some parts listed.  Moving forward, more 2 stroke Yamaha clone engines will become available on the market.  For right now, most are Honda clones, but again, it should change moving forward.

There are some JOG Minarelli clones on various websites, but they are hard to find.  You might want to keep your eyes open and search often, since they are likely to start popping up more often.  They are out there, but you will have to act quickly if you find the parts and place your order, because they are likely to sell out quickly, since there is a limited supply for now. 

What’s Coming Soon?

It won’t be too long before every major maker of four wheelers, motorcycles and dirt bikes, and scooters has a copycat motor on the market.  So far, the bulk of the Yamaha clone engines are being used in cheap Chinese scooters, but on the horizon are some of the following:

Dirt Bikes:  The PW50 clone is already out there and available today.  Many of the off brand dirt bike makers are likely to start using this as a model, since it’s got nice power and snap to it.

Four Wheelers:  Many four wheeler riders realize the benefits of 2 stroke motors, so you will see them being used in clone ATV models soon.  They will probably become more used by some of the current manufacturers that currently use Honda clone motors in their quads.

Scooters:  Most notably in Adly, you can expect many other Chinese scooters to pop up on the market while using a 2 stroke 50cc Yamaha clone engine.  Expect more makers to start manufacturing them in the coming years.

2 Stroke or 4 Stroke?

The debate rages on.  Which is better?  This is personal preference, but there are some pros and cons to each style, which I would like to share with you right now.

Fuel Efficiency:  You will not get nearly as good of gas mileage with two strokes.  It’s just a part of the game that you need to consider carefully before you make any purchase.

Power and Speed:  No comparison.  The four stokes just don’t compare and they probably never will, even as they advance and get better.  Why does a 1991 Polaris 250 Trail Boss keep up with a 500cc model?  Because it’s a two stroke.

Takeoff Speed:  Again, no comparison.  You’ll get off the line much quicker and hit mid-range speeds much faster with a two.  It’s just a part of decision making process you must keep in mind.

Maintenance:  This is in the favor of four strokes.  They ‘generally’ last longer and require less maintenance, but of course, it will vary greatly.  Most will agree two strokes generally require more maintenance, which adds to the cost of operation.

Cost of Operation:  Worse fuel efficiency and the need to add two stroke oil, seemingly all the time, will make the cost of riding more expensive.  Its’ a tradeoff you must consider carefully before you buy any of them for sale.  You will spend a little more to ride them, but you will get more power, speed, and cool sound.

The 50cc Yamaha clone engine might be pretty new, but it’s likely here to stay.

How Did This Happen?

The same thing has happened to other makers, like Honda.  Patents expired.  Copycats entered.  It has and will continue to happen for many years to come.  As a result, you can now buy a complete Yamaha clone 50cc (or 49cc) motor for less than one third of the price of the original. 

While this may or may not be ‘ethical’ of the Chinese replica motor industry, it is fully legal and has been going on for years now.  In fact, this started over a decade ago now, when the old 110cc Honda motors were cloned by makers of Chinese four wheelers and scooters.  This led to quads and scooters being made very cheap, often for about one third of the price of the real deal.

50cc 2 Stroke Yamaha Clone Engine Parts

Don’t kid yourself – most of the clone manufacturers have built the motors for the major makers in the past.  ‘Japanese made’ or ‘American Made’ is nothing more than a slogan these days, for the most part.  How do you think this all came to be?

Right here, right now, it will be rather difficult to find clone engine parts for Yamaha motors, but they are coming and will become more prevalent.  Assuming specs are followed, which has been the course of the other copycats, for the most part, parts will be somewhat interchangeable.  Somewhat is of course, the key.

As with Honda, Yamaha clone engine parts are likely to be somewhat interchangeable.  You will probably be able to interchange them, since specs will be roughly similar, but the quality probably won’t quite be there.  As with most major two stroke motors, parts need to be precisely manufactured to ensure proper fit and durability.  This will certainly be addressed and worked on in coming years, just as it has been with other makers.