50cc dirt bike training wheels can come in very handy for anyone with a young kid, just learning to ride.  Unfortunately, many people overestimate what these things are actually made for and what they are capable of doing.  In this article, I’d like to share some information about them with you, along with some safety information you might need to keep in mind, so you don’t overestimate what they are really designed to do and how they can actually be quite dangerous for children just learning to drive.



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What 50cc Dirt Bike Training Wheels Do

As with virtually every single safety product on the market, they are designed only to do a few things.  They are designed to help out kids just learning to ride a cycle, but not quite ready to do it all on their own.  They provide a sense of stability, especially at low speeds, on straightaways.  They will help your child stay upright as they learn to ride safely and help them learn how to keep their balance on them, lean into turns properly, and keep them from crashing, when used properly and in accordance with their designs.

Much like training wheels on a bicycle, you will find there are lots of limitations to them, some of which are listed in the next section.

What 50cc Dirt Bike Training Wheels Won’t Do

People overestimate what they are supposed to do.  Have you ever witnessed a child tipping over on a bike with training wheels?  You probably have, if you’ve raised kids or watched them learn how to ride.  The same applies for those attached to dirt bikes and mini cycles, but at speeds which are often much faster and on a ride that’s much heavier and more dangerous.

Dirt bike training wheels will not keep your child upright on sharp turns.  They will not ensure safety; they will only work to enhance it.  They are not going to allow your child to run at higher speeds and will not help them out on jarring bumps, sharp turns, or jumps. 

Are Kids 50cc Dirt Bike Training Wheels Cheap?

Cheap training wheels for kids motorcycles are very possible to find.  Whether it’s for a Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, or even a Chinese dirt bike, you can generally find them for about 150 dollars, but if you look around, at sites like E-Z Trainer,  you might find them under 100 dollars.  If you find them for less than that, perhaps 50 dollars, you might be buying some that are too cheap to be good.  They are relatively cheap, considering the safety features and benefits they can provide you.

Unusual Placement for 49cc Dirt Bike Training Wheels

Unlike most other training wheels, these are generally placed in the middle of the dirt bike.  I wouldn’t suggest anything placed at the rear, as it doesn’t provide anywhere near the same level of safety, which is the primarily reason people buy them.  While they might be cheaper, they are not nearly as safe when placed on the rear.  Middle mounted is the way to for safety.

Proper Dirt Bike Safety

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is ensure your child knows how to ride properly.  It would be wise to enroll in a dirt bike safety course, so your kids learn how to ride properly and how to be safe while they do it.  If you don’t have anywhere you can attend this locally, check out online dirt bike safety training, even if it’s not required in your area.  You will find they are not very expensive and well worth the price of the course. 

If you cannot or will not take a safety training course, you will need to work closely with your child to make sure they know how to lean into turns properly, control the throttle properly, and use the brakes the right way, at the very minimum.  Do not expect it to come quickly to kids, since they are more likely to be interested in the cool noise the motor makes when revved up, and showing off to their friends.

Dirt bikes are dangerous, so making sure your child knows proper safety will help to keep them safe and secure, and teach good habits which will hopefully last a lifetime as they ride around on the trails and tracks on their new cycle.  Be sure to continuously follow up with them and demonstrate proper safe riding yourself, when you are riding with them.  Set the example and hopefully they will follow it and do the right thing.

When Will My Child Be Ready for Riding?

You will need to decide when the time is right to remove the training wheels from the dirt bike.  Obviously, your child will not need them forever and they will want them taken off at some point.  If your child cannot ride a bike safely and without the training wheels, without taking any tumbles or losing their balance, there is no way they are ready to have them removed.  Even if they can, it might not be time for removal from the dirt bike.

Watch carefully to see if your kid is leaning into the turns properly, or if they are just turning the handlebars and leaning on the training wheels.  If they are, they are not ready for them to be removed.  You will also want to keep an eye on their personal comfort level, which they may or may not tell you about honestly.

If you are ready to take them off, start out slow and have the child demonstrate their riding abilities to you, in person, just after they are removed.  Instruct them to go slowly, so you can see for yourself.  It might also be wise to run beside them, if you are capable of doing so, as reassurance.  In addition to all this, always be sure to have the child wear a helmet and chest protector, at the absolute minimum, just in case they do fall or crash.  Make sure you are safe when you ride around on 50cc dirt bike training wheels and always use proper riding techniques.