A 50cc Roketa Scooter is a great entry-level scooter. This truly is a cheap scooter that delivers! The Roketa Scooter company is easily the most successful of the Chinese scooter suppliers to infiltrate the U.S. Market. Since 2004 Roketa has developed a quality product with a wide distribution network for both scooters and parts. They have developed quite a following as a low cost alternative to Vespa and Honda. The style and performance of these scooters is surprising!

The 50cc Roketa Scooter line consists of a variety of models each with distinctive features. A key selling point to the Roketa is obviously cost, but many vacation areas and urban areas are seeing increased scooter traffic due to the incredible gas mileage.

The best three 50cc Roketa Scooter models are the Sicily, the Maui and the Bahama. Each is similar in some ways, but have a definite uniqueness that delivers both fun and performance. The low speed and low cost of any of these three models makes these cheap scooters perfect for younger and older riders in low traffic areas. They are great for short commutes and as a daily driver. The cost to own and operate them is very inexpensive.

Roketa 50cc Sicily ScooterThe Sicily MC-17 50cc Roketa Scooter

The Sicily is the 50cc scooter of choice for those enthusiasts that desire a European styled bike. It is clearly designed to compete with Vespa and other Italian scooters. The air-cooled engine offers around 3 horsepower and will attain speeds of 25 to 30 mph. It is a reliable starter with both electric and kick start. The front wheel boasts ABS brakes and the rear wheel has a traditional drum brake. Available in red, blue and black these slickly designed scooters will get close to 100 miles per gallon! This is such a popular model that Roketa also has introduced it as part of their 150cc scooter line.

The Bahama MC-07 50cc Roketa Scooter

The Bahama has more power and speed, but still has incredible gas mileage. Its 3.3 horsepower engine boasts around 10% more power than the other 50cc models. This will usually ensure a top speed over 30 mph. The gas mileage can still approach 100 mpg even with the more robust motor. A dual ignition system and automatic transmission mean that it is easy to operate. Like the Sicily, it has ABS and drum brakes as well. The Bahama has also been designed with a 150cc model.

The Maui MC-08 50cc Roketa Scooter

The simple, no-nonsense scooter dubbed the Maui is meant to deliver strong gas mileage and performance for a single passenger. The max load on a Maui is 220 pounds so like the other 50cc scooters, it is designed for single passengers. Similar in performance to the Sicily, but with different styling this air-cooled model can top out at 100 mpg and also hit speeds of 25 mph. Some fans appreciate a more American design and the gas mileage is appreciated by practically everyone.

The line of 50cc Roketa Scooters is definitely diverse and there is a scooter for practically every rider and situation. As an entry-level scooter, the Roketa is great. Advance riders will likely seek a more powerful motor and opt for a 150cc or 250cc model. At a cost as low as half or even a third of a Vespa or Honda, the 50cc Roketa Scooter will redefine a budget. The gas savings and low purchase price can mean some serious savings.