Is it your first occasion to search for a job? Just since you have no experience doesn't mean you need to start earning at the smallest range. Good thing, there are many jobs today that offer a whopping $50,000 of starting salary even to people who have no experience yet to strengthen their marketability. 50k plus jobs are just waiting for the right and established applicants to arrive. If you are one of them, then don't waste your time and begin looking for lucrative jobs now.

Here are several options you may wish to explore as you search a 50k plus job that suits your passion and interests.

IT Specialist

Computers and the web are the best things ever invented internationally, as many companies, businesses, and governments depend on them so much for workflow efficiency and higher productivity. It's not surprising why there has been a great demand for IT ( info technology) professionals everywhere around the world since the early 1990s.

There is not too much competition in the IT job market because a lot of jobseekers dislike spending their entire day working in an office cubicle. Except for the many IT jobs available, another reason for taking this profession seriously is that it pays well. The normal salary in this industry is pegged at about $100,000.

IT professionals include network system analysts, programmers, software engineers, database engineers, and related jobs that involve using computer and Internet technology. You can make a great deal of money out of being a forensic computer analyst. This is a job that concerns analyzing data within computer systems and determining who committed a crime using a personal computer. Forensic computer analysts are hired for clerical criminal investigations and are paid an entry level salary of greater than $50,000.

You may also consider employed by banks and various finance companies as a information miner. Information miners analyze comprehensive facts so that companies can strategize their use of details in their databases. With a starting salary of about $50,000, information mining requires a master's degree in statistics, physics, or computer science.


Many individuals have this misunderstanding that accounting is one of the most boring jobs globally. Yet, for some people, this simply isn't true. Spending the whole day going over tons of numbers, creating balanced sheets, and doing calculations all on your own may sound exciting for you-plus the fact that you will have an entry-level salary of about $40,000 to $50,000. If you love numbers and the adrenaline rush that goes with using them, then start your employment as an accountant. When you get more knowledge, you are in all likelihood going to earn about six-digit figures! Now who says accounting is boring?

Sales representative

Unlike other 50k plus jobs, commissioned sales jobs do not offer a base salary. This makes it quite undesirable for some people. All the same, it can be a lucrative job as your commissions may amount up to $100,000 each year. Especially, salespeople at investment banks, auto dealers, and electronics shops repair money out of their commissions.