There were a wide variety of influences behind 50s dresses. Many of these took inspiration from the French style of dressing, ranging from full skirts to sack dresses and much more. If you're looking for the perfect 50s vintage dress then here is a quick guide to indentifying the style and accessorising your new purchase.

Styles of 50s Vintage Dress

Some of the most defining styles of 50s dresses were halter neck, and those popularised by popular designers from Paris. Christian Dior was especially popular in this era, and made a number of 'new look' designs popular to women who could not afford to buy their own custom designs. The rich would always opt for a custom design, but there were a wide range of styles now becoming available off the rack, often found for sale in vintage stores today.

Opera coat dresses also became extremely popular throughout the era. These dresses are still associated with luxury today. The nature of the opera coat dress meant they were accompanied by a long coat, usually made from a fabric such as satin or velvet. These coats were usually not as tailored as normal coats and used full or quarter length sleeves.

Accessorising Your New Dress

Once you've found the perfect dress to purchase, understanding how it would have been accessorised in the 1950s can really add to the look.

Most women in the 1950s would have work gloves an stockings whenever they went out, even just to go shopping. Many would have also worn hats, though some of the younger women went against this trend.

Aside from gloves and hats, many women would have accessorised all kinds of outfit with horn-rimmed glasses, scarves and costume jewellery. Many vintage stores, both online and off, will also include many of these accessories - so why not recreate the entire look of the era with a few well-placed accessories?

Caring for Your New 50s Vintage Dress

Once you've found the perfect dress, ensure to take care of it as best as you can. Store it on wooden hangers, as wire hangers can damage the fabric. Always wash it carefully, using gentle options, and find out some information on the specific fabric if possible.

The 1905s style of dress was a lot more varied than many people will assume. As you can see, a number of designs and designers influenced popular styles, many of which ended up being mass-produced. You can find a number of these 50s dresses available for sale online - just make sure to look out for the identifying features listed above!