JFK Assassination

Unseen Footage

JFK Assassination

50 Years of Questions

John F. Kennedy is the only United States President, in modern history to have been  assassinated, either in the United States or internationally. Withstanding the hideousness of the crime are the many conspiracy theories that have grown and developed over time. One thing is for certain, a Commander-in-Chief was shot and killed on American soil, and to this day, no one has been held responsible for this act.

There is one story taught to children growing up about the assassination of JFK, no matter where a person grows up or where he attends school.This story is that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole shooter, and he committed the act from the Texas School Book Depository. Children are also taught that this man was able to escape from the Depository, without drawing the attention of the many law enforcement officials who were on scene, sealing off the building. How was he able to get past the Dallas Police department, and leave the building, and the downtown area all together? How was he able to make it all the way back to his home without being stopped and questioned my the many police, FBI, and Secret Service members swarming the area?

Was it in fact Oswald from the Book Depository, or could it have been the man disguised as the Police Officer on the grassy knoll? After reviewing the footage, it is safe to assume that the shots did not in fact come from the Book Depository, as the story has been told. It is very clear that the people who were standing on the Grassy Knoll, felt as though they were under attack. Those standing on the curb, ducked for cover. While those standing further back, closer to the wall, were looking behind them, rushing behind the embankment as if to catch someone in the act of disabling his weapon.

It is very clear that the shots that killed JFK were not fired by Lee Harvey Oswald from the 6th street Book Depository, but from the parking lot behind the Grassy Knoll, as well as near the freeway overpass. If 20th century television has taught anything, it has been forensics and crime solving. To view any version of this tragic event, is to see that the bullets do not come from behind JFK, but rather from the front and side of the President and Senator Connelly.

With the upcoming release of the documentary, Parkland, more sides to this story are coming to light. With each film that is produced, from JFK to Rush to Judgement, more theories are born about who actually ordered the hit on our commander-in-chief, than are laid to rest. The consensus among most conspiracy theorists is that our own government held the greatest control over the Coup-de-tat that occurred on November 22, 1963.