50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating a fiftieth wedding anniversary is a joyous occasion for long-term married couples; having made it so many years together, many couples choose to celebrate this anniversary in particular, and pay it special attention over other years. As a result, the hunt for a meaningful and appropriate anniversary gift can become a more challenging proposition than in years before.

So much of what a couple decides to exchange as gifts on their anniversary has to do with who they are as people - are they traditional, are they light-hearted, or are they something all their own?

We've brought together a number of 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for you to look through and see if something feels like the right thing for your 50th wedding anniversary. The list is broken down into several categories to help every kind of couple find something to fit their style.


Gold - The traditional gift given for a fiftieth wedding anniversary is gold. Gold, which is significant not only because it is such a valuable precious metal, but also because it is so strong and resistant to wear and corrosion, is a highly symbolic gift for this anniversary. Because so many things can be made of gold, couples have the opportunity to still use some creativity working within the traditional medium. Couples may exchange gold rings, for example, or a special photo of the couple could be mounted in a gold frame.


Plan a trip - For a wedding anniversary as big as the fiftieth, many couples want to do something big. For some, taking a trip to a place they've always dreamed of visiting may be just right. Trips can be as extravagent or as simple as the couples themselves; while some may jet off for South America, others may finally drive to the Grand Canyon. This trip should celebrate your success as a couple and be a relaxing treat for both.

Go to an event - For a couple who loves the movies, a local sports team, or a musical group, tickets to see their favorite act can be a wonderful anniversary gift. Especially if visits to this venue are somewhat rare, this kind of gift can offer a thrilling experience for a couple to share on their special day.

Dine out - A classic option, many couples enjoy a simple night out together enjoying a nice meal and maybe even a bottle of wine. For their 50th anniversary, spending quality time with good food can be the recipe for a perfect evening. Whether the restaurant is upscale, an old favorite, or one with symbolic significance - the site of their first date maybe? - it's sure to be a pleasant evening for two.


Renew your vows - For many couples at this stage in their relationships, the need to exchange trinkets or fancy gifts is less important than symbolic gestures. For these couples, renewing their vows can be a meaningful gift to each other and a wonderful way to share the event with friends and family. After so many years, the opportunity to remind the other of their devotion and commitment to their vows of fifty years ago can be the most previous gift.

Plan a picnic - Couples who love the outdoors or who just have a favorite spot in the local park can spend their fiftieth anniversary sharing a quiet meal and a walk through nature to celebrate their big day.

Give a collection - Many couples who have spent fifty years together exchange gifts celebrating the amount of time they've been together. A collection of mementos from the year they were married can be a meaningful way for a couple to reflect on the many years they've spent together. A CD compilation of songs from the year they were married, newspaper clippings from that year, and a photo album of their fifty years together can all help a couple acknowledge how far they've come.

The fiftieth wedding anniversary is one of the biggest milestones in a couple's life together, and not everybody gets there; that's why couple's celebrating their 50th anniversary should find the perfect gift to tell their partner how much they still mean to them. Every couple is different, so take some time to think about how you want to celebrate this huge occasion, and what will mean the most to you and your spouse.

Even if you aren't yet close to celebrating your fiftieth anniversary, you can still learn all about how to make your relationship go the distance by perusing any number of relationship blogs; read stories of how other couples make it work and celebrate alongside them. You can also be part of celebrating major anniversaries with all kinds of couples by learning more about careers in this field like jewelry design. Everybody loves celebrating a major anniversary, so whether you're reaching your 50th this year, or you just want to help someone else celebrate, we can all get involved in the celebration.